Around the world, thousands of young people from the Fridays for Future movement took to the streets on Friday to demonstrate for effective climate protection. In the case of the “global climate strike”, which was also called in Germany, the protests were concentrated two days before the general election in Berlin. “You have to vote, but that's not enough,” the movement's founder, Greta Thunberg from Sweden, shouted to thousands of people in front of the Reichstag building. "We want change, we demand change, we are change." Thunberg accused Germany of being the fourth largest CO2 emitter in the world. "With 80 million people that's quite an achievement," said Thunberg, calling Germany one of the largest "climates." -Rogue".

A total of 1,500 events were planned for Friday around the world, in Germany, according to the organizers, at more than 470 locations.

According to initial estimates, the police in Berlin spoke of more than 12,000 participants.

With regard to the coronavirus pandemic, Thunberg emphasized: "The climate crisis is not over." The pandemic has shown that the climate is still not being treated as a crisis.

According to a UN report from August, the most devastating consequences of climate change can still be prevented with immediate action.

The next United Nations world climate summit is planned for five weeks in Glasgow.

Then a balance should be drawn again to what extent the Paris climate targets have been met.

"Time's running"

Government spokesman Steffen Seibert praised Fridays for Future as an “enormous achievement in raising awareness among the young generation”. It is remarkable because a worldwide movement has been created that has reached millions of people, said Seibert, also paying tribute to Greta Thunberg, who started the worldwide movement with her school strike. At the Reichstag, the German Fridays for Future activist Luisa Neubauer called on the future federal government to make climate protection an absolute priority. "Time is running out, it is our greatest enemy," said Neubauer and gave the slogan: "We understand that this is the beginning of a story, a story that we ourselves write."

Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock is hoping for a tailwind from the “climate strike” for the Bundestag election on Sunday. "These are crucial days for climate protection," she told the newspaper "Welt". “Citizens have the opportunity to finally change climate policy: with a powerful climate strike and, above all, in the general election. The next government must be a "climate government". "That is only possible with strong greens."

The CDU chancellor candidate Armin Laschet promised more speed in climate protection in view of the demonstrations.

In a message on Instagram he said on Friday: “It is very clear to the CDU, and not just since today: Germany must become faster and better in terms of climate protection.” The goal is to achieve climate neutrality worldwide as quickly as possible.

This is a task that can only be solved globally.

SPD Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz said on Twitter: “It is true that there is a #climate strike today.

Climate policy is one of the important issues that will be decided in this election! ". Fridays for Future Germany explained on Twitter:" We don't want to destroy the good mood - but we're going on strike today, YOUR government, Olaf. "