Comparing the weekly average number of new coronavirus infections, the number continues to decline in almost all prefectures, including areas where a state of emergency is declared, and Tokyo is in early July before the state of emergency is declared. It is almost the same level as.

We have summarized trends in the number of infected people and expert analysis.

Decreased in 46 prefectures nationwide “Declaration” Decreased in all 19 prefectures

Based on the number of infected people announced by local governments in each region, NHK has summarized the trend of the average number of newly infected people per week compared to the previous week.

In the whole country,

▽ in the week until the 26th of last month, it increased 1.13 times compared to the previous week for 9 consecutive weeks, but

▽ it turned to 0.84 times on the 2nd of this month, the first decrease in about 2 months. After that,

▽ 9th of this month was 0.64 times,

▽ 16th of this month was 0.55 times, and

▽ by 23rd was 0.50 times, decreasing for 4 consecutive weeks.

The number of new infections per day was about 3424, almost half of last week, falling below 5,000 for the first time in about two months.

It has declined in 46 prefectures and continues to decline in all 19 prefectures that have been declared a state of emergency.

Almost the same level as before the Tokyo emergency declaration was issued

Tokyo had increased for 9 consecutive weeks until the middle of last month, but

▽ 2nd of this month was 0.72 times that of the previous week,

▽ 9th of this month was 0.59 times,

▽ 16th of this month was 0.55 times,

▽ 0.54 by 23rd. It doubled and decreased for 5 consecutive weeks.

The number of new infections per day was about 547, a decrease of more than 460 from last week, almost the same level as in early July before the state of emergency was declared.

The number of infected people per 100,000 population in the last week was 27.53, which is about half of last week.

Expert "The risk-reducing behavior of each person overlaps with the vaccine effect"

Professor Kazuhiro Tateda of Toho University, a member of the government's subcommittee on measures against the new coronavirus, said that the number of infected people is decreasing. It is becoming possible to correctly judge what kind of situation and environment it is likely to be infected with, and it may be effective to take actions to reduce the risk. It is important to continue this trend and lower the baseline. "

Judgment to cancel "declaration" "How much medical pressure can be taken by the deadline"

On the other hand, regarding the medical strain situation, "The number of hospitalized patients has dropped below 2000 for the first time in a while, but more than 1900 are still hospitalized. The medical strain has been alleviated, but caution is still at this stage. It is a situation that must be seen. How much pressure can be taken by the deadline for the declaration of emergency on the 30th of this month will be important in deciding to cancel. "

Take action with the consciousness of taking basic measures for a while

Regarding the future, "It is conceivable that there will be areas where the state of emergency will be lifted, but we must consider that the virus is lurking in the city. I've experienced rebounding later and creating a wave of infection, so it's important to take basic measures with the consciousness of taking it for a while. How can I suppress the rebound and return to life? It is important to proceed slowly while checking each step step by step. "

"Breakthrough infection" vaccine reduces risk of aggravation and death

Regarding "breakthrough infection," he said, "Although it causes breakthrough infection, the vaccine is not ineffective, and the risk of aggravation and death is definitely reduced, which is the most important point." He talked and said that it is desirable to inoculate as much as possible unless there is a specific reason.

Relying solely on vaccines is a high risk to maintain infection control

On top of that, he said that relying solely on vaccines for new corona countermeasures is risky. It has been reported that clusters have occurred. Even if you look at such cases, not only relying on vaccines, but also those who hit and those who did not hit will maintain infection control and risk-reducing behavior for a while. It is important for each person to move around without taking any measures just because they have been vaccinated, and to be careful not to be alert and drink food or alcohol. " ..