Lin Jun, a farmer from Suizhou, Hubei, is 44 years old and was diagnosed with rectal cancer in September 2019.

On the day of the diagnosis, Lin Jun used his Douyin account "Yulin Junfeng" to post a selfie video casually, which attracted the attention and blessings of many people.

  In April 2020, taking advantage of the rise of online live broadcasts, Lin Jun tried to sell the mushrooms grown by his father-in-law in the live broadcast room, and sold 40 orders on the first day.

In addition to his own flower mushrooms, Lin Jun also bought the villagers’ produce such as flower mushrooms, peach gum, and white fungus.

In less than a year, Lin Jun's store sales exceeded one million yuan.

  Today, he has built warehouses, hired women and elderly people in the village, sorted, packed, and sealed boxes, and paid them 2,500 yuan a month, which brought nearly 20 people to work.

  Although it was initially concerned about cancer, Lin Jun never talked about his illness during the live broadcast.

In Lin Jun's view, the meaning of treatment is to return to a normal life.

Lin Jun said that he hopes to "endorse" the food in his hometown and bring his relatives, friends and villagers to get rich together.

(Reporter Zou Hao)

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]