[Explanation] Highland barley is the most important food crop in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the staple food on the people's table.

Among them, highland barley wine and highland barley tsampa are traditional and characteristic products that are well-known to local households.

  On September 23, the Tibet Autonomous Region officially held an activity to celebrate the Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival in Mozhugongka County, Lhasa City. The “highland barley families” such as highland barley liquor, highland barley fragrant rice, highland barley biscuits, and highland barley vinegar appeared in the harvest festival.

  [Concurrent period] Renqing Ciwang, a salesperson of Tibetan highland barley products

  Highland barley is our traditional food crop. In our daily life, there are highland barley wine and highland barley barley.

With the investment in technology, there are now more and more highland barley products.

For example, the products we exhibited today also included the highland barley breakfast cereal, highland barley circle, and then the highland barley fragrant rice and highland barley noodles.

  [Explanation] It is reported that highland barley products, as a kind of green food and characteristic coarse grains, have their unique quality characteristics, and have the effects of balancing nutrition, metabolic transformation, and supplementing beneficial elements in the body.

In the past few years, with the increase in scientific research investment, the grain barley has achieved a magnificent derivation.

  In addition, at the Harvest Festival exhibition and sales activities here, local characteristic handicraft products are registered on the "webcast live delivery" platform, and Tibetan sachets, scented pillows, hanging pictures and pumping boxes are hand-made by handicapped people in Tibet. Sets have become "eye-catching treasures."

  [Concurrent period] Duoji, the person in charge of Tibet's "Hyun of Tibet" e-commerce

  We are here today that "live delivery", and today we brought some products for people with disabilities, (this is) a paper pump set made by people with disabilities, which is a car pump that is placed in the car. Paper set.

  [Explanation] At the opening site of the Harvest Festival, a modern agricultural machinery display was also set up. Modern large agricultural machinery lined up to show the achievements of Tibet's agricultural modernization development.

  [Concurrent period] Gao Qiang, head of modern agricultural machinery seller

  In the earliest days of Tibet, what was the main harvesting of crops? Manually (relying on manpower). Now that we have this harvester, we can harvest anything, such as wheat, barley, and peas. The harvesting efficiency has increased. It is easier for the common people and the grains are good. , Relatively clean, loved by our Tibetan people.

  [Explanation] This harvest festival kicked off with the dancing melody of the people. The wonderful singing and dancing performances, special product exhibitions, live broadcasts, etc. fully demonstrated the new achievements of the agricultural and rural reform and development in Tibet, and the rural style and civilization. The new atmosphere and the brand-new outlook of the people in the vast agricultural and pastoral areas.

  Reporter Gongsanglam reports from Lhasa, Tibet

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]