The Seine-Maritime firefighters have had an exceptional meeting in recent days off Cap d'Antifer, near Etretat, reports 76actu.

In a video posted on Twitter, we can see the rescue boat escorted by a school of dolphins.

A "magical moment", according to the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service.

🐬 Magic moment 🐬

A hundred #dauphins accompanied the #plongeurs of # Sdis76 during a training off the cape of # Antifer.

- Firefighters 76 (@ Sdis76) September 23, 2021

A "hundred dolphins" thus swam alongside the firefighters-divers in training in Norman waters.

Dolphins would approach the coast to hunt fish and would be more and more present in Seine-Maritime. 

Bottlenose dolphins in the English Channel

Last July, several people had the chance to see cetaceans off the Tréport, remind our colleagues.

“Our mission is to study cetaceans in the English Channel, including the bottlenose dolphin as a priority.

We are fortunate to have one of the largest known communities, whose preferred territory is northern Brittany, the Channel Islands, the Bay of Seine and the Bay of Somme ”, explains Gérard Maugé, vice-president of studies scientists from the Cotentin Cetacean Study Group.

On the other hand, the number of specimens which wash up on the French coasts is more and more important.

According to figures from the Pelagis Observatory, relayed by

Le Parisien

, around 1,300 common dolphins were discovered on the beaches in 2020, against 716 in 2018. 


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