China News Service, Shaoxing, September 24 (Reporter Xie Panpan) "Lu Xun is back, and Lu Xun's family are back!" This year marks the 140th anniversary of Lu Xun's birth.

On September 24, at the "2021 Master Dialogue-Hometown Dialogue Conference" held in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, Zhou Yiyan, the dean of the School of Inheritance of Family Traditions, donated the two-year paintings to the Lu Xun Cultural Foundation.

  2021 is the 140th anniversary of Lu Xun’s birth, which coincides with the 100th anniversary of the publication of Lu Xun’s work "Hometown".

  Lu Xun is a famous Chinese writer and thinker.

In those days, Mr. Lu Xun faced a poor and weak motherland and walked out of his hometown to find a way out. "I would like to recommend Xuanyuan with my blood", which reflects his will to fight for the awakening, liberation and rejuvenation of the nation.

After Lu Xun's death, in memory of him, Japan and South Korea also included Lu Xun's novel in middle school textbooks.

  The conference was hosted by the Lu Xun Cultural Foundation, the Institute of Literature of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Shaoxing Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism, and the Beijing Language and Culture University Lu Xun and the Institute of World Culture.

  Zhou Yiyan is the 34th grandson of Lord Lianxi, and Lu Xun is the 32nd grandson of Lord Lianxi. In his growth experience, Mr. Lu Xun is an inseparable spiritual model.

  "All these years I have wanted to create paintings of Lu Xun and his hometown. Now I can finally tell everyone that Lu Xun is back!" Zhou Yiyan spent two years creating his hometown work "Ten Years of Hand in Hand".

  "I originally intended to use Chinese paintings to express my works, but I think that Lu Xun is not only Chinese, but also of the world, and only a combination of Chinese and Western painting methods can be reflected." Zhou Yiyan said, the works are expressed in nostalgic colors. The nostalgic tone closely binds Lu Xun's beloved person and his beloved hometown.

  The name of the work is Lu Xun's eldest grandson and Lu Xun Cultural Foundation Chairman Zhou Lingfei based on the ten years in the “Ten Years of Hand in Hand for All Difficulties and Difficulties” in the poem given by Lu Xun’s wife Xu Guangping.

  In this work, you can see the strong Shaoxing atmosphere, not only the old Shaoxing boats, peaked caps, Baicao Garden, Sanwei Bookstore, Xianheng Hotel, but also Lu Xun’s favorite books and some progressive books published by Lu Xun that year. factor.

  "I hope that through this painting, we can see Lu Xun, think of Lu Xun, miss Lu Xun, and love Lu Xun. Today, Lu Xun is back, and the family of Lu Xun is back." Zhou Yiyan was full of emotion.