In response to the arrest of a mother's dating partner in Settsu City, Osaka, for killing a 3-year-old boy with boiling water, Governor Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture joined a verification subcommittee made up of outside experts and administers it. We have clarified the policy to verify that there were no problems with the response.

Governor Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture told reporters on the afternoon of the 24th, "I have a pain in my heart when I think of a 3-year-old boy who died, and I have no words."

On top of that, "I heard that you were consulted in Settsu City, but it was also a case where the child guidance center of the prefecture was also sharing information. Maybe it was not possible to prevent a tragic incident, adults and the government could save lives. It is necessary to verify whether it could not be done. "

Governor Yoshimura said, "I would like the verification subcommittee to thoroughly verify whether it could not be prevented somewhere or if there is no place to change the mechanism," and said that he would like to start verification in the subcommittee next week. I showed my thoughts.

Background to the incident












According to the city of Settsu, it was confirmed that the city would play a central role in supporting this family by sharing information with the child guidance center at a meeting where related organizations such as the city gathered.

Settsu City “Judging that the urgency is not high”

Regarding this case, Settsu City examined the risks each time and decided that the urgency was not high.

According to Settsu City, we received information on violence against Sakura Toshito in May and June, and shared the information at a meeting with the Suita Children's Family Center, which was held afterwards. is.

At this time, Mr. Sakurarito was lightly injured, no continuous violence was confirmed from his companion, and no abnormality was confirmed in the six interviews with his mother in June. Therefore, it was decided that the urgency was not high.

For this reason, the city decided to continue to handle the procedure without transferring the jurisdiction to the child guidance center.

Hideki Hashimoto, Director of the Next Generation Development Department, Secretariat of the Settsu City Board of Education, said, "We have provided continuous support and responded appropriately to the provision of information on abuse. In order to prevent this from happening, I would like to cooperate with related organizations to verify the cause and background. "

Child guidance center “not recognizing that intervention is necessary”

The Suita Children's Family Center, a child guidance center in Osaka Prefecture, said that the incident was not urgent and did not recognize the need for intervention.

According to the child guidance center, since Sakura Rito and his mother moved to Settsu City, information was shared by the city at a meeting to examine the support content, and information on violence against Sakura Rito was also grasped. It means that it was.

However, the city officials had a sufficient monitoring system, such as meeting with mothers and children, but the urgency was low and they did not recognize that it was a case that required the intervention of a child guidance center.

We often confirmed that the city would take the lead in dealing with Settsu City, and the procedure to transfer the jurisdiction from the city to a child guidance center that can temporarily protect children was not taken.

For this reason, the child guidance center did not treat it as abuse.

From this year, in Osaka Prefecture, if the child guidance center treats it as abuse, all cases will be shared with the police without exception, but this time it was not the target.

The child guidance center says that there was no problem with this response because it was confirmed that Sakura Toshito was safe.

Hideki Sakamoto, Deputy Director of the Suita Children's Family Center in Osaka Prefecture, said, "Looking at the city's response, we decided that we did not need to intervene and that there would be no problem if the city continued to respond. It was unexpected. With this result, I would like to consider how to cooperate with the city. "

Expert "Sharing information with multiple organizations including police"

Keiji Goto, an OB lawyer of the National Police Agency and a representative director of NPO "Think Kids", which works to prevent child abuse, emphasized the importance of sharing information and responding to many institutions.

Regarding Settsu City's response to this incident, Goto said, "I think the decision was unsatisfactory. In June, an acquaintance provided information indicating the danger of being killed. It should have been judged that the situation was quite dangerous, taking into account the injuries received from the nursery school. "

Regarding the response of the child guidance center that was receiving information, he said, "It is a big problem not to contact the police." I should have paid attention and guidance to the dating partner who lives with me. "

He added, "Parents tend to hide abuse, children are not accused of harm, and it is very difficult to determine the exact risk and urgency of child abuse. That is why it is shared with as many agencies as possible, including the police. However, it is important to create a system to watch over with many eyes and feet. "