September 24, 2021

Michel Drucker worries about Bernadette Chirac

Michel Drucker has news from Bernadette Chirac and they are not very reassuring.

Invited on the set of

C à vous

, he revealed that since the death of her husband, the octogenarian was weakening.

"It's going as it can go ... We know that Bernadette ..., he launched, without finishing his sentence.

I did one last interview with her a few years ago before she stopped speaking.

In the last year, I had to go interview her at her house and it was very complicated.

He thus seems to confirm that President Chirac's widow prefers to rest.

She had already resigned from the head of the Pièces Jaunes foundation in 2019 and had not attended the tribute paid to her husband at the Saint-Sulpice church.

Sam Asghari attacks new Britney Spears documentary

Loana and Sylvie Ortega settle their accounts

Loana and Sylvie Ortega, the best enemies of the PAF, settled their accounts live on the set of Cyril Hanouna, after months of media battles.

“False rumors, you've started some, you can't say otherwise.

Because it was my friend for several months ”, already launches Loana, before her ex-best friend replies, on the accusations made by the star in the media.

"Before we kiss, Loana, I would like you to apologize, because you know very well that I did not want to kill you," she retorts.

"Unfortunately, you gave me a lot of medicine, but we are not going to talk about it again," continued the star of the


, claiming all the same to have received medicine from her friend.


One of Chris Hemsworth's sons wants to be Superman ... Loana will be back on stage very soon ...

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