The generosity of the French is on the rise.

According to the second panorama of generosity established by the Fondation de France, donations reached 8.5 billion euros in 2019, or one billion euros more than in 2015. The study, revealed by 

La Croix

 and relayed by 


, took into account all forms of donations from individuals and businesses in France.

Individuals are those who gave the most in 2019, to the tune of 5 billion euros.

More generous companies

4.9 million donor households have been identified.

This is less than in 2015 (5.7 million households), but the amount of donation per household has increased and stood in 2019 at 560 euros on average.

The vast majority of donations are declared, only 727 million euros are not, notes



Between 2010 and 2019, corporate donations increased by 119%, adds the Fondation de France.

In 2019, no less than 104,000 companies made donations, especially through declared sponsorship.

Health and solidarity organizations received the majority (40%) of donations, followed by religious organizations, education and research, the environment, political organizations and culture.


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