Colombia: Two days off for employees when their “pet” dies

Workers in Colombia expect to take two days of paid leave if one of their pets perishes, under a new law that is still under consideration, according to the Daily Mail.

Liberal Congressman Alejandro Carlos Chacon, 48, introduced a bill requiring employers to provide two days of paid leave after the death of a pet associated with an employee.

"There is a familial relationship not only between humans, but also between humans and other species," Chacon said.

"Some people do not have children, but they do have a very beloved pet with whom they develop a deep relationship," Chacón was quoted as saying by the El Tempo news site.

He added that the proposed paid leave would help people "overcome the grief and pain of losing these beloved animals without taking on their jobs."

The official said the bill would be relevant to the majority of Colombian families, as six out of 10 have pets.

The bill does not specify which animals are considered "pets." However, El Tiempo reported that the proposed legislation described a pet as one with which the owner had a "strong emotional bond."

It also stipulated that paid vacation days do not apply in the event of the death of wild or “exotic” animals.

The document also states that the employee will only take paid leave if he tells the employer about the pet before it dies, and can provide evidence of death.