A resident of Orléans (Loiret) discovered on Tuesday that a camera installed by the municipality at the top of the Belfry had been filming the terrace of his home for three months.

The webcam has been set up to broadcast live on the Orléans Métropole site the images of essential cultural places in the city.

But for the resident, who confided in France Bleu, it is a “significant invasion of privacy”.

The camera also recorded what was happening behind one of the apartment's patio doors.

"With this camera, you can find out everything about people's habits: whether they are present or not at home, whether they are alone or accompanied", laments the resident, who wished to reveal his mishap because "there may be -being other people concerned ”.

He deplores in passing the absence of blurring that would have been promised by the town hall.

A black cover on the images

Alerted on Wednesday, the municipality immediately deleted the three months of archives and placed a black cover on the live images of the apartment.

"The primary objective of these cameras is to promote the city and heritage, it is in no way to film the private life of people or to take pictures of people", assures our colleagues Quentin Defossez , deputy in charge of the digital city.

The elected representative promises that each report is taken into account.


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