In the news: landing in prison for the ex-right-hand man of IBK

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Mahamadou Camara, former Minister of Communication of Mali.

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By: Norbert Navarro

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The so-called presidential plane case is gaining momentum in Mali

The former chief of staff of ex-president Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta was placed under a committal warrant. After the former Prime Minister Soumeylou Boubèye Maïga, Minister of Defense at the time of the facts, after the former Minister of Economy and Finance Bouaré Fily Sissoko, both also placed under arrest warrant in this case at the end of August , it is therefore Mahamadou Camara's turn to go through the prison box. " 

If there was an invisible hand that had allowed him to regain his freedom, today the situation has changed,



, and Camara is staying at the Central Arrest House in Bamako 


In neighboring Burkina Faso,

Wakat Sera

hails “ 

the hunt for men in khaki against corruption and impunity

 ”, a hunt for which this newspaper attributes the paternity to the head of the Malian junta Assimi Goïta. It is "

 the" Goïta "bomb" 


Wakat Sera


, it is launched against these former " 

strong men

 " who will be prosecuted " 

in the same way as the thieves of donkeys or sacks of rice

 ". Be careful, however, that these legal proceedings are not " 

an aggressiveness of simple populists who take the opportunity to incapacitate political opponents

 ", warns this Burkinabè newspaper.

His local colleague

Le Pays

hardly writes anything else, which wonders if it is " 

an act of sanitation or an act of diversion 


Because for

Le Pays

, " 

it is difficult to give the good Lord without confession to Colonel Goïta and his brothers in arms (...) specialists in camouflage 


Bictogo, the fall

In Ivory Coast, Alassane Ouattara intervenes in the crisis which shakes the RHDP.

The Ivorian president takes back his political formation in hand.

Result: the fall of the executive director of RHDP Adama Bictogo.

As announced by

Africa Intelligence

, the Ivorian head of state, who is also president of the RHDP, creates a “ 

restructuring committee

 ” headed by three of his “ 


 ”: Gilbert Kafana Koné, who will chair it, and Ali Coulibaly and Ibrahim Cissé Bacongo who will assist him.

A new structure " 

which acts the sidelining of Bictogo

 ", states

Africa Intelligence


But if, in a smiling photo of Alassane Ouattara, "

 the front page

 " of the newspaper

Le Patriote

, which is close to him, this morning evokes " 

a strong RHDP in a prosperous Ivory Coast 

", the other headlines of the Ivorian press are from a whole different barrel. 

Thus, the independent newspaper

Soir Info

wonders if Adama Bictogo had not become " 

a burden

 " for Alassane Ouattara.

According to this daily, the Ivorian president wants to " 

bring order to the RHDP


 Adama Bictogo fired! 

“, Bid the daily

Le Nouveau Réveil


Close to the PDCI, this newspaper even devotes more surface area of ​​“ 

its front page

 ” to this crisis within the RHDP than to the return to Abidjan yesterday of the mortal remains of former Prime Minister Charles Konan Banny!

The fall of Adama Bictogo?

It is "

 a story of stool

 ", summarizes the newspaper



Close to ex-president Laurent Gbagbo, this daily indeed qualifies the now ex-executive director of the RHDP as a “ 

stool grabber


Twenty thousand leagues under the sands

Finally, the Australian submarine crisis and the ensuing quarrel between France and the United States.

It will have had an unexpected consequence on the security situation in the Sahel.

This is indeed what

L'Observateur Paalga

does with irony


Noting that the diplomatic crisis between Paris and Washington is in the process of being resolved, this Ouagalan daily is having fun. “ 

The Rooster had made the peacock. It deflates like a balloon, he

formulates in a flowery style.

So much the better if the tragedy of the frog who wanted to be as big as the ox is avoided

 ”. And, an unexpected development in this Australian submarine crisis, the United States " 

undertakes to strengthen its support for counterterrorism operations 

" led by the Europeans in the Sahel region, adds

L'Observateur Paalga

. " 

Good news for this region for which Australia's "happy fault" is worth such an American declaration of intent!

(…) Through the magic of diplomacy and geostrategic relations, now from the Pacific Ocean, Australian submarines are surfacing in the sand of the Sahara! 

The newspaper still laughs. 


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