Louise Bernard with Alexis Patri 11:22 a.m., September 24, 2021

The weekly "L'Express" is diversifying with the launch and announcement of various digital projects. The aim of the press brand is to attract more readers and retain them, in order to eventually put its accounts back in the green. Until launching into the world of television?

How to secure the future of the press?

To answer this question as old as the paper crisis, the weekly newspaper

L'Express is

focusing on new projects, far from



The press brand is trying to diversify with the aim of attracting more subscribers and going back to green.

Among these new features, the daily news podcast

La Loupe

, launched just before the summer, as well as two new thematic newsletters, sent daily. 

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Soon an




Alain Weill, the magazine's boss, announced on Thursday an additional novelty: the launch of a video masterclass in 2022. In these long formats, inspiring personalities, businesswomen and politicians invited by


will come and tell their story. 

"A first step towards images and television," promises Alain Weill.

During the press conference which unveiled the masterclass project, the boss of the magazine confided not to refrain from watching the channels that could be sold as part of the merger of M6 and TF1.

The two groups will indeed have to sell some of their frequencies if they want to merge.