March 29, 1985. In March, a surprising DNA test result was delivered to Molly Sinut, 36, who was adopted from Korea to the United States right after she was born.

'You have a 49.96% DNA match with Isabelle D.' The result was that they had a daughter who shared half the genes with Molly, but Molly never had children.

Molly immediately sent Isabel a message saying, "I was adopted from Korea in 1985."

Isabel replied, "Wow, Molly! My mom Emily was born and adopted in 1985. Mom's birthday is March 29."

Emily Bushnell, 36, born in Korea on March 29, 1985 and adopted to the United States, lives in Philadelphia with her 11-year-old daughter Isabelle.

It is said that Isabel had recommended DNA testing to Emily several years ago to find her biological family.

Emily was initially against it, but eventually, unable to overcome her daughter's sanctification, had her daughter do a DNA test instead, and Molly eventually contacted her.

When Molly and Emily saw each other's photos, they couldn't help but be surprised.

It was because they were too similar.

Especially when he was young, he seemed to see a person.

On SBS TV's 'SBS Special', which will be broadcast on the 26th, twin sisters born in Korea and adopted to the United States have been unaware of each other's existence for 36 years and then met like a miracle.

The twin sisters first discovered each other's existence on March 3rd.

And on March 29, their 36th birthday, the two met for the first time.

He said that he did not even make a video call in the meantime in order to feel the first experience in person more intense.

The two people who met in person were amazed the more they got to know each other.

There were many similarities, from religion to culture as well as appearance.

"It was fate or something," Molly said. "The universe was trying to connect us."

Emily and Molly have grown up in different families for the past 36 years.

Emily was raised in a home with two older brothers, and Molly was the only daughter, raised under the warm care of her parents and siblings.

Now that the twins meet each other, the family has doubled.

After our first meeting in March, in May, both families spent time together.

Families said they had a comfortable and warm time as if they had known each other all their lives.

Again, the twins are planning a vacation with their families.

It is broadcast on the 26th at 11:05 pm.