The first batch of relocated residents in Rongdong resettlement housing will move in soon

  Our reporter Bai Bo

  The Rongdong area is the first large-scale construction area in the Xiong'an New District, and it undertakes the important task of resettling and relocating the masses and undertaking the relief of Beijing's non-capital functions.

After more than a year of construction, the resettlement housing project in the Rongdong area has now entered the final stage, and the first batch of relocated residents will soon move in.

  A few days ago, the reporter once again walked into the resettlement housing project in the Rongdong area, and conducted a final "exploration" of the project before the residents moved in.

  The rise of modern residential areas

  In Rongdong area resettlement house G group G2 bid section 1 work area, the contractor Wang Zhiwei, assistant to the engineering department of the first company of China Construction Third Bureau, introduced to reporters that the 17 residential buildings they are building are currently undergoing maintenance of door locks and other components, as well as garages. Finishing work such as marking of parking spaces, waiting for residents to move in.

  Compared with the reporter's first interview of the resettlement housing project a year ago, the current resettlement housing area has completely changed its appearance.

The uneven road surface and the sand all over the ground are gone, replaced by flat, wide roads and a neat and beautiful environment between the newly renovated buildings.

A modern residential area has emerged.

  The resettlement houses are planned for commercial streets, apartment buildings, kindergartens, primary schools, hospitals and other supporting facilities.

Walking along the street, the first thing that caught the reporter's attention was a "Xiaoxiong mall" convenience store.

According to the staff, the convenience store has been in trial operation for one month. As residents have not yet moved in, it is currently mainly for resettlement housing builders. The business hours are from 8 am to 6 pm.

In addition to convenience stores, there are also "Xiaoxiong mall" pharmacies, vegetable shops and breakfast shops in the resettlement housing project, which are located in various blocks.

  On both sides of the commercial street named Wenying Road, Anhe Pharmacy, Baile Department Store, Haomeiz, Boyang Life, Suning Tesco, Midea Smart Home, Glory, Xiaomi Home and other stores have hung signs.

After walking a few steps, I saw a "Xiao Xiong Mall" with the words "Breakfast Shop" in the corner of the sign.

  Walking into the store, I found that this is a sheep soup restaurant, the owner Mr. Hao previously operated in Rongcheng County.

Like convenience stores, Mr. Hao’s breakfast shop currently serves builders at noon.

  There is a bus stop a few hundred meters away

  There is a sunken square at the corner of each intersection in the resettlement housing area, where residents can exercise and have a rest.

Above the sunken square at the intersection of Wenying Road and Shuangwen Street, a naive and creative cartoon image sculpture is particularly eye-catching.

I saw it slightly sideways, one foot on the ground, and one hand on the red heart beside it, calmly welcoming guests to the "City of the Future".

On the other side of Taoxin is the three-dimensional "Xiongan".

  The street parallel to Shuangwen Street on the north side is Shuangwen North Street, and there is a brand new "Xiongan Ronghe Shuangwen Kindergarten" on the side of the street, with bright buildings.

After the kindergarten there is a darker, slightly taller building. Wang Zhiwei told reporters that it was an elementary school.

  It is worth noting that almost every street in the resettlement housing project has a bus station, and the distance between stations is only a few hundred meters.

According to the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting Transportation Work" issued by the Management Committee of Xiongan New Area at the end of 2019, the proportion of green transportation in Xiongan New Area will reach 90% in the future, and the proportion of public transportation in motorized travel will reach 80%. /80" target.

The opinions put forward the construction of a new mode of transportation that is convenient, safe, green, and intelligent, with public transportation, non-motorized vehicles and walking as the mainstay.

By 2022, take the lead in implementing high-quality public transportation, slow-moving systems, and effective car demand management combined policies in Rongdong and Zhangang areas.

  The quality of domestic water supply is higher than the "national standard"

  Hongde Garden, Lixian Garden, Shangde Garden, Wenchang Garden... Each community in the resettlement housing project has a name derived from the concept of traditional culture.

  The community is an open community, and the internal greening and environment have been built.

The fitness plaza in the center of the community is equipped with a wealth of fitness and amusement facilities. It is fashionable and different from the common community fitness equipment. It has a colored plastic floor underneath.

A device with a phone picture is erected next to the square. Wang Zhiwei introduced that this is an emergency communication device. Once a child is injured in play and other emergencies, he can directly contact the community control room for emergency treatment after pressing the button.

  The overall environment of the resettlement house is excellent, and the interior of the house has also been decorated to a high standard.

The wallpaper is pasted in the house, the ceiling of the living room is equipped with a ceiling shape, and is equipped with a virtual light strip, and the socket panels in the room are also painted in champagne color.

  The No. 1 water supply plant in the starting area of ​​Xiong'an New District has started water supply a few days ago.

According to Tian Qining, project manager of China Construction Installation Group, the contractor of the No. 1 water supply plant, the designed effluent water quality of the water supply plant meets the index of "Drinking Water Quality Index System of Hebei Xiong'an New District", which is higher than the national standard "Drinking Water Sanitation Standard".

The "membrane treatment" process in the membrane workshop of the water plant can almost remove all bacteria, viruses, and two insects. It is currently the most effective technology to ensure the microbiological safety of drinking water.

After the residents of the resettlement houses in Rongdong area move in, the No. 1 water supply plant will supply high-quality drinking water to the residents.