Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte acknowledges that the culture sector did not receive the attention it deserves on Budget Day.

The cabinet is prepared to continue to support the sector financially for longer, he promised on Thursday during the General Political Reflections in the House of Representatives.

In all discussions about support for companies that were hit hard by the corona measures, the cultural sector 'sometimes got snowed in', according to Rutte.

"But it has also been incredibly difficult there, of course, and to a certain extent it still is. Fortunately, much more is possible."

Rutte has 'incredible respect for our orchestras and musicians, our actors and comedians' and for other culture makers who have done their best under difficult circumstances to continue to show their craftsmanship.

He recognizes that they make a major contribution to our society.

PvdA leader Lilianne Ploumen is pleased that the culture sector is receiving an appreciative word from the cabinet.

"That took too long."

She points out that cultural entrepreneurs are still struggling with the financial aftermath of the crisis, as well as being affected by restrictive measures.

Longer financial support is desperately needed, says Ploumen.

D66 member Rob Jetten calls the sector 'the great missing person in the speech from the throne'.

King Willem-Alexander extensively discussed various industries that have had a hard time over the past eighteen months, but did not mention art and culture.

"The outgoing prime minister has recovered that well."