The Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) has recommended Corona booster vaccinations for some high-risk patients. "The Stiko recommends graduated refreshment recommendations for people with immunodeficiencies or diseases in which the immune system is regulated by drugs, such as rheumatism or after a transplant," Mertens told the newspapers of the Funke media group (Friday edition). There was initially no official publication of the Stiko on Thursday evening. Mertens confirmed the information to the German Press Agency (dpa). "We have completed the review of all scientific data on the issue of booster vaccinations for certain risk groups and, as a commission, we have decided on a recommendation," said the Stiko chairman.

A general recommendation for certain age groups is currently not given.

The commission examines "to what extent the study situation justifies a general vaccination recommendation in certain age groups".

The federal and state health ministers had already spoken out in favor of vaccinating residents and employees of care facilities and other facilities with particularly vulnerable residents, as well as medical staff and people over 60 after individual medical advice.

The booster vaccinations started about three weeks ago.

This is intended to strengthen the immune system again against coronaviruses.