Edwin Spee, the husband of snowboard star Bibian Mentel, who died in March, has recently found a new love.

"Dear Bieb, what you wanted so badly and which I never believed in, has happened," Spee writes in an extensive post on Instagram.

"Out of nowhere Mandy walked into my life a few weeks ago. From the first second it felt familiar and it still seems like she was sent by you."

"She will never be able to replace you, I will never forget you and I still miss you every day, but my heart dares to smile again," said Spee, who says his story with a smile and a tear.

Spee further writes that Mentel's mother, children and friends are very happy for him.

"I go on my dear, I miss you terribly, but I enjoy life. I go on, but take you with me forever."

Mentel died in March from the effects of bone cancer.

She was a three-time Paralympic snowboarding champion and a four-time Paralympic World Champion.