“When I spoke, it was very hard”.

Four years ago, actress Asia Argento was one of the first to denounce the sexual predator Harvey Weinstein.

For her, the #MeToo movement must convict rapists, without turning into a “fashionable” label.

"I can't say that it has helped me a lot in life to tell about what happened to me over twenty years ago with Weinstein," said the 46-year-old actress, on the occasion of the out of an autobiographical story,

Anatomy of a wild heart

(Hors collection editions).

"When I told that, it was a tsunami"

The daughter of the Italian master of horror cinema Dario Argento declared in 2017 that she was raped by the American producer in 1997, when she was 21 years old, triggering an unprecedented wave of women's freedom to speak, in cinema and beyond. Facts she talks about in her book, as well as the nightmare years that followed. When I told that, it was a tsunami, ”she continues. "It didn't help me, it put me in a state of enormous depression, but it was my conscience that told me that I had to tell the truth."

A few months after seeing Weinstein denounced, she was accused by the American actor Jimmy Bennett of having sexually assaulted him when he was 17, an affair which would have been the subject of a financial transaction.

She denied the young man's version of the facts and does not wish to return to this affair: "These are things that do not belong to my present (...) I have no resentment", she evacuates.

"I managed to get this guy to jail"

The artist refuses to be "a symbol": "I thought my mother had fought for the liberation of women, sexual liberation ... To find myself now talking about the same thing, it bothers me a little.

It's not my struggle, I did what I had to do, that doesn't interest me ”.

On #MeToo, her gaze is ambivalent: "it's like when you listen to a word too much, it loses its importance, when you talk too much about something, it becomes a little hysterical", she declares, pinning a slogan became "almost in fashion".

But she does not regret anything: "it is not a defeat, because I managed to bring this guy in prison".

The fallen Hollywood tycoon, accused of dozens of rape and sexual assault, was sentenced in 2020, by a first American court, to 23 years in prison, and continues his judicial journey.

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