1 year-old children if swallowed 11 buckyballs cause intestinal perforation

   Beware net red children's toys to the "silent killer"

  Wuhan Evening News (correspondent Wen Honglei and Huang Jieying) A few days ago, Xuanxuan (a pseudonym), who was 1 year old and 9 months old, suddenly experienced continuous vomiting and obvious abdominal distension.

The parents thought he was indigestion, but unexpectedly swallowed 11 buck balls by mistake and formed a "hand string" in the abdomen, causing 4 intestinal perforations.

It is reported that the Hubei Provincial Maternity and Child Health Hospital has admitted two cases of children who swallowed a buck ball by mistake within two weeks, both of which caused physical injuries.

  Xuan Xuan’s family lives in Huangpi. On the morning of September 9, he suddenly began to vomit frequently. Xuan Xuan’s parents hurriedly took him to the Children’s Gastroenterology Department of the Provincial Maternity and Child Health Hospital. During the subsequent imaging examinations, he discovered that there was one in the child’s stomach. "Bracelets".

  The Pediatrics Department referred Xuan Xuan to the surgery department. He clearly saw more than ten beads strung into a ring, and he had vomited more than ten times that day and had severe abdominal distension.

Ding Feng, the deputy chief physician of surgery, saw from X-ray X-rays that he had shown signs of intestinal obstruction.

  The surgeon immediately gave Xuanxuan fluids and anti-inflammatory and anti-infective treatments to stabilize his vital signs.

In the morning of the second day, Ding Feng performed a foreign body removal operation for Xuan Xuan.

Through the exploration of the intestinal tube, 11 buck balls were taken out from the middle section of Xuanxuan's small intestine, each with a diameter of about 5 mm.

Although these magnetic beads are small, they are very magnetic, which caused serious damage to Xuan Xuan. There were as many as 4 small intestinal perforations, and serious small intestinal adhesions and ascites were also caused.

  Looking at the corroded buck ball, Xuan Xuan's parents suddenly realized.

A few days ago, Xuan Xuan's 8-year-old cousin brought a bunch of buck balls when he came to the house to play, but he couldn't find it later. Unexpectedly, he was swallowed by Xuan Xuan and caused a catastrophe.

  Coincidentally, Zhanzhan (a pseudonym) who lives in Xiaogan, who is 1 year old and 10 months old, also suffered from intestinal perforation due to swallowing a buck ball by mistake.

On the 21st, the hospital received another 7-year-old child who accidentally swallowed a buck ball and caused intestinal perforation.

  "In recent years, the buck ball has become a'net celebrity' children's toy because of its magnetic force, strong variability, and bright colors." Cheng Shigang, deputy director of surgery at the Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital, introduced that the buck ball is easily swallowed by children as candy.

Once ingested into the infant’s body, as the small intestine moves downwards, a bunch of buck balls block the intestine or the buck balls in adjacent intestines attract each other and squeeze the intestine, causing intestinal obstruction or intestinal perforation, and even in severe cases. Severe infection of the abdominal cavity endangers the life of the child.