The morning of today (24th) was also quite cool, but the temperature will rise significantly during the day.

Daytime maximum temperature in Seoul is 28 degrees and Jeonju is 27 degrees, and the daily temperature difference is more than 10 degrees.

Please take good care of your body temperature due to the large temperature difference.

It will be mostly sunny inland, but the east coast will be affected by the east wind and rain will come and go.

It is expected to be around 5-30mm by tomorrow.

The thick fog in the morning has lifted and now the clear sky is revealed through the sparse clouds.

There will be only occasional clouds inland today.

There will also be swell waves in the East Coast region.

The highest temperature during the day is 28 degrees in Seoul, a little hotter than yesterday, but it will be chilly in the east coast with rain.

For the time being, the weather will be mostly sunny mainly inland, and typical autumn weather with a large temperature difference in the morning and evening will follow.

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)