• The Lille publishing house Minus is releasing a children's book on the theme “Ah if I were president”.

  • In this pre-election period, the idea is to simply explain to children the workings of our democracy.

  • The book is a kind of role-playing game in which the child poses as a candidate for president.

Because it is their project. Minus, the Lille publishing house of children's books, has published a small activity book called 

Ah if I was president

. The objective, as the race for the presidential election of 2022 is launched, is to explain to the youngest the workings of democracy.

The Minus team started from the principle that explaining the functioning of our Republic to children was not necessarily off-putting.

In this small publishing house, which does everything in-house, we therefore said to ourselves that the principle of the presidential election could very well be understood by the youngest through a kind of role play in which the he child would be a candidate for the highest office of the State.

“At the beginning, the child marks out on a map the borders of the country of which he wants to be president.

He can decide to conquer a small country, a bigger one, or even the whole world.

This allows parents to determine their child's level of megalomania, ”jokes Julie Verley of Minus éditions.

"We still make sure that the child chooses democracy"

The child is then free to choose the regime he wishes to set up in his country: a monarchy, a dictatorship, a democracy ... "All these regimes are explained simply but, casually, we still make sure that the child chooses democracy, ”emphasizes Julie Verley. By completing a short questionnaire, the child will discover his political tendency, more to the left or more to the right, without however sticking to him the label of a party.

The rest of the story is slammed on the French system, the young candidate must campaign to be elected.

He will then have to form a government, propose the laws.

This takes up, in a light and fun version, the basics of civic education.

“The idea is to get children and their parents to discuss and debate the activities proposed in the book.

It is also in a way a reminder for parents, ”explains Minus.

The little book, however, does not deal with a scourge that has undermined the French elections for years: abstention.


Ah if I was president is

 addressed to children from 6 years old who are therefore not close to being able to vote.

Ah if I were president,

Minus éditions, 48 ​​pages, 5.50 euros.


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