At about 23:00 on September 21, the traffic police in Binzhou Economic Development Zone of Shandong Province found a suspicious vehicle during a live-streamed investigation and handling of drunk driving at the intersection of Yellow River 6th Road and Bohai 18th Road.

In the live broadcast, the traffic police stopped the vehicle. In the process of questioning the driver, the driver suspected that he said "I belong to the Municipal Public Security Bureau," and the traffic police released the vehicle.

Netizens questioned the "problem" in the live broadcast.

  On September 23, according to the Binzhou traffic police report: Cheng Moumou, a police officer on duty, violated the "Procedures for Handling Procedures for Road Traffic Safety Illegal Acts", "Traffic police should comprehensively, promptly and legally collect information that can verify the existence of violations and the severity of the violations. "Evidence" stipulates that the on-site failure to collect evidence in a timely manner resulted in the inability to determine whether Liu XX constituted drunk driving, and in the follow-up interviews, fictional facts, cover-up of faults, selfishness, lax law enforcement, and irregularities.

  Reported to the Party Committee of the Municipal Public Security Bureau for research, it was decided to give Cheng Moumou (the instructor of the first squadron of the Economic and Technological Development Zone Brigade of the Municipal Public Security Bureau’s Traffic Police Detachment, the fourth-level sergeant) a serious warning within the party, administrative dismissal, and a fourth-level policeman. The commander was demoted to a second-level police officer; Huo Moumou, the head of the traffic police brigade who was responsible for leadership, and Xing Moumou, the in-charge leader, were separately ordered to conduct inspections and admonish to talk to each other; and to criticize and educate auxiliary policemen who participated in the duty on the spot.

Lin Moumou was given a serious warning within the party by the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Liu XX will be handled by his unit.

(Producing Le Xiaomin)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】