It so happened that from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly, world leaders call on their colleagues to unite to solve global world problems.

Ukrainian President Zelensky also wanted to talk about the global.

But in the end he still asked and complained.

No, of course he tried to look competent and confident. And also decisive and convincing. But even his acting talent was not enough to play his role to the end. Therefore, almost immediately he began to play the role of a victim, who literally alone fights with a terrible dragon, which there is no way to defeat, and therefore the heroic, but inevitable death of this very victim will be on the conscience of those who did not give her any support.

As planned, in the process of listening to these claims, not only the entire General Assembly, but the whole world should have felt ashamed. For the fact that they do not pay due attention to such important world events as the Crimean Platform, which took place recently in Kiev, where they clearly define who is to blame for all the troubles of Ukraine, but have not decided what to do about it.

In this connection, President Zelensky decided to make a loud statement that this very platform should be held no less than under the auspices of the UN. And the UN must also respond to the receipt of Russian passports by residents of Donbass. And this reaction must be strictly negative. Even though the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted at the third session of the UN General Assembly by Resolution 217 A (III), states: "No one can be arbitrarily deprived of their right to change their citizenship." But Zelensky does not care about these very rights. Simply because he does not consider neither Crimeans, nor residents of the LPNR as people.

Want proof?

Yes please!

In his speech, he again stated that 15 thousand deaths in this armed conflict is "the price for independence", and reproached the small but respected audience in the hall for the fact that if shots were not heard as loudly in New York as at Avdiivka "promka" or Svetlodar arc, this is not a reason not to talk about the problems of Ukraine 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 - a year.

At the same time, he did not mention Gorlovka, Zaitsevo and Yasinovataya, where the civilian population is literally daily subjected to massive shelling from the Ukrainian side.

Because these people do not bother him and do not care.

For him, there are no people there at all.

And this lies at the heart of his entire policy regarding the Donbass.

In this regard, his every word is perceived as nothing more than a text from the role he played on stage in front of the audience.

It was not the President of Ukraine who spoke from the UN rostrum, but an actor playing the role of the President.

No more.

And his entire manifesto was literally saturated with the demand to recognize Ukraine as a victim and the demand to immediately discard all other world problems and immediately begin to solve only Ukrainian ones.

Even to the detriment of international politics, diplomacy and economy.

On the sole reason that Ukraine is a great country and everyone owes it to it.

I will not dwell on every point of Zelensky's speech, which is the quintessence of unprofessionalism and selfishness.

I will only note that his absolutely inappropriate pathos, desire to assert himself and a simultaneous attempt to press on pity did not add respect and status to him.

But bewilderment and disgust were added.

On the grounds that a person who did not fulfill any of his election promises had the audacity to “pretend to warn” the whole UN.

To complete the image, the shoes that fell on the podium and the phrase: "Do you at least understand what you've done ?!"

Yes, Zelensky really wanted to repeat that very speech of Putin.

And act like Putin.

And provoke the same reaction that caused Putin's speech.

But in the end, even a miserable parody of the unique original did not work out.

Although he tried.


However, for this you need to be, if not a statesman, then at least a politician.

Zelensky is nothing more than a temporary worker who lives for one day and does not really know what will happen tomorrow.

Hence all these claims and requirements.

After urging the UN to participate in the same "Crimean Platform" and condemnation of Russia for giving the residents of Donbass its citizenship, he automatically invites this organization to share the consequences of its participation in these events.

And collective responsibility presupposes a chance to avoid punishment in the event of undesirable or negative consequences.

And this, too, once again proves the weakness of both Zelensky himself and his strategy, which he imposes on everyone, but which is doomed to failure.

Perhaps he himself understands this very well.

But he continues to play the obviously failed play to the end.

A play, the audience of which, alas, we all have to be.

Because as long as the lives and destinies of people living in Donbass depend on this person, who through a misunderstanding became president, we cannot just get up and leave.

And the little man speaking from the big rostrum knows this very well.

But this is the only thing that at the moment flatters his vanity.

And as soon as the issue of Donbass is resolved (taking into account the interests and desires of its inhabitants), Mr. Zelensky will again become for the whole world who he really is.

Namely - no one out of nowhere, a pitiful beggar with huge claims and an eternal victim of his own problems, to learn to solve which he will never be ready, preferring to wait for someone to do it for him.

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