It's only one week before the deadline for the state of emergency issued in 19 prefectures such as Tokyo and Osaka, and orders from restaurants are starting to return at liquor stores in Tokyo.

On the other hand, he is worried that the future treatment of liquor provision is unclear.

At the liquor stores in Minato-ku, Tokyo, we deliver liquor to about 200 restaurants, mainly in Tokyo, but orders have almost disappeared due to the closure of the stores and the suspension of liquor service.

Sales in the wholesale sector are said to have decreased by more than 90% compared to before the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Before the 30th of this month, which is the deadline for the state of emergency, orders from restaurants that are expected to resume operations from next month have begun to return, and the number has risen to about 30.

On the 23rd, the shop owner was working on checking inventory in preparation for future orders.

However, even if the declaration is lifted, it is difficult to determine how much to increase the amount of purchases and inventories because it is unclear whether the restaurant will be allowed to serve alcohol in the future.

Mr. Jun Okuma, the representative of "Oboro Liquor Store", said, "The news that the declaration is about to be lifted is gradually being seen, and expectations are rising for us and restaurants, but will we continue to be unable to serve sake? I'm also worried. We also have staff and family members, so I would like to ask for a policy that is convincing in order to protect our lives. "