• Guide to hitting the jeans

Jumpsuits, pleated skirts, shopper bags, fur boots, platforms and prints with logos.

According to the stylist

Lorena Martínez


, these are the great trends that we must manage to be up to date during this autumn-winter season.

But dressing well every morning, when time is short and you have a long day ahead of you, does not only depend on having those clothes in your closet, or even on knowing how to combine them. Because it is a question that transcends trends: "


has to do with two things: evolution and quite the opposite," said one of the great masters in the field,

Karl Lagerfeld.

It is clear; its not that easy. And it's not just about knowing what to wear. "To dress well, the first thing to do is to create your own style that is the perfect reflection of that person you are," explains

Simon Doonan,

fashion and style expert and author of the book 'How to Be Yourself', where reveals the twists and turns of glamor and how to gain personal security and style.

Because there is no better way than fashion to

communicate who you are.

"Clothes entail a search for identity or differentiation from others", also insists psychologist

Trinidad Aparicio Pérez


"The way we are dressed speaks of us, transmits information. And there is no correct one, the important thing is that it is in accordance with our way of thinking and makes us feel comfortable with ourselves."

And in this sense, there are no trends, "the possibilities are endless," says stylist and image consultant Elsa Isaac.

"The more meaning my clothes and accessories have, the more they communicate who I am and what I want to convey to the world."

At this point, it is clear that fashion and psychology go hand in hand, but our goal, to dress well, has made us even more difficult.

What are the keys?

According to

stylists and experts,


1. Color guide

Do not choose at random, your preferences in color matter define you in the eyes of others so much.

"Ask yourself: what colors make you smile, what colors 'are you'?", Insists

Simon Doonan

, the merit is in


independent from the trends that often tyrannize us.

And in knowing that when dressing the yellow and orange tones transmit energy and optimism;

the black, professionalism;

red, passion and intensity;

blues, loyalty and stability, and neutral colors will tell you that you are a practical person.

2. Build your message

Start by asking yourself how you would like to be perceived by the people you interact with.

A look based on jeans transmits naturalness in any environment, but you run the risk of looking like someone else in the crowd;

on the contrary, a provocative one can indicate insecurity.

Classic items in neutral colors are often attributed to introverts, and sportswear can make you look casual and a bit immature.

The best to get it right?

An informal but elegant look, which indicates versatility and naturalness.

3. Make it fit like a glove

It's not about wearing tight clothes, but it's not about hiding your body either.

"Your silhouette, your shapes, the shape of your clothes, can highlight or minimize volumes. There are no strict rules here ... If a garment fits well - I am thinking about shoulders, waist height and sleeve length - one will experience a physical pleasure, "explains Doonan.

And don't prioritize fashion over comfort: you'll be wearing it for at least eight hours.

4. The hanger test

Getting it right is complicated when the closet is crowded.

It is time to be methodical and count on less but well chosen.

Review piece by piece and remove everything that does not fit or make you doubt;

clinging to clothing out of attachment only guarantees repeating old patterns.

To see what clothes you never wear, do the hanger test: turn all the hangers in your closet with the hook towards you and as you wear the clothes, hang them with the hook upside down.

Establish a period of time: it is time to do without what you have not worn in six months or a year.

5. Create a capsule wardrobe

That is, one full of clothes that can be easily combined, so that dressing in the morning is a simple task.

Think about your lifestyle and look for basics that give a lot of play and a couple of pieces that add personality, with special attention to accessories.

6. Plan your outfits

Outside of improvisations, planning the outfit in the same way as the weekly menu saves hassles and the stress of desperately looking for something to wear at the last minute.

Sometimes it also helps to think about a whole week's outfits on Sunday night, to have them ready.

7. The pants, at the correct height

Think about which shoes you are going to wear it with and choose the length.

Pants that almost touch the ground make them appear taller if they are worn with a good heel, an effect that is also achieved with cropped ones if they are worn with tall boots.

And if you have to cut the jeans, always do it with the original stitching.

8. At least one white shirt

A classic white blouse is a timeless staple that can be combined with just about anything.

Look for one with darts or back seams;

they are the ones that best adapt to the body.

9. Dark jean, a must

Basic piece of any capsule wardrobe, they provide infinite combinations for all kinds of looks, day and night.

Unlike the lighter washed tones, the dark ones are much more versatile and give a very polished image.

10. The power of color block

Dressing in one color is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get it right with little effort.

Classic and elegant, monochrome looks always work with neutral colors, with white and black.

11. Better with a belt

With pants, dresses, sweaters and blazers, adding a belt is an easy way to enhance any look.

In addition to personalizing the outfit, a belt instantly creates a flattering hourglass shape.

12. The shirt, inside

Nothing to leave the shirt outside to hide the problem areas;

On the contrary, if we want to stylize the figure, we must wear it inside because the body is optically lengthened and the waist is defined, which makes it appear taller and slimmer than a garment in cape format.

13. A color tip

There is an infallible combination: a look in neutral tones - black, white, navy blue and gray - to which a piece of color is added.


With accessories.

An eye-catching handbag, shoes or handkerchief rounds off the outfit simply and effectively.

14. Invest in a purse

Better one good than many bad ones.

Invest in a classic piece of leather that you will wear for years and years.

It will be the best style point in any outfit, and you will amortize what it has cost you.

15. And in a coat

Like a good blazer, it will give life to an outfit no matter how simple it may be, for example a cowboy with a basic T-shirt and boots.

Opt for classic designs that help you build a good wardrobe background.

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