[Explanation] On September 23, during the Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival, the reporter visited the Batou South Propagation Public Experimental Base in Yazhou District, Sanya. This is one of the demonstration sites of the "Hybrid Rice Double-season Yield 3000 Jin per Mu" project. The project was developed by Yuan Longping. Serving as the chief scientist was the last scientific research project he personally promoted during his lifetime.

The rice fields are full of green, and the growth is gratifying, and the harvest is in sight.

  [Concurrent] Zhu Zaishu, Technician at Batou Demonstration Site, Hybrid Rice Double-season Yield 3000 Jin Project

  From the perspective of this growth, it is almost the same as the previous season. I feel that the whole rice growth is still okay from all aspects, and it can achieve his ideal results.

  [Explanation] It is understood that in December 2020, the national hybrid rice double-season yield of 3000 jin per mu project was launched in Sanya.

Many demonstration test sites have been set up in Hainan Province.

In May 2021, the project achieved good results in production testing in Sanya, with an average yield of 926.5 kg per mu in Batou Nanfan Public Experimental Base in Yazhou District.

  Chen Can, head of the Batou Demonstration Site of the Hybrid Rice Double-season Yield 3000 Jin Project, said that the late-growing rice at the demonstration site is expected to usher in the harvest at the end of October 2021. By then, the success of the project will have a result, but it is a pity that Mr. Yuan Longping can't see it.

  Facing this paddy field, as a young agricultural researcher, Chen Can has something to say to Teacher Yuan.

  [Concurrent] Chen Can, Head of Batou Demonstration Site, Hybrid Rice Double-season Yield 3000 Catties/Mu Project

  Please rest assured, Mr. Yuan, we will continue his legacy and fulfill his two dreams. One is the global dream of hybrid rice, and we strive to perfect him; the second is the dream of Hexia, and we strive to keep the output in his hands. On the basis of, we can steadily improve.

  Reporter Li Yufan reports from Sanya, Hainan

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]