Eric Zemmour files a complaint.

In one of Paris Match, the polemicist appears in the arms of his advisor Sarah Knafo bathing in La Seyne-sur-mer, on September 18.

Headline: "Eric Zemmour and his very close advisor, investigation of the young enarch who is leading his campaign".

For its part, the tabloid people


published on Wednesday an article about the romance of Eric Zemmour "with his young 28-year-old communications advisor".

Maître Olivier Pardo, Eric Zemmour's lawyer, published a press release on Twitter on Wednesday announcing proceedings against the two magazines. “ 

Paris Match



have published images infringing the privacy of Eric Zemmour and Sarah Knafo. Nothing can justify this type of publication, except the will to harm. As a result, we are immediately initiating proceedings against these publications, ”he published.

For his part, the polemicist reacted on the same social network.

“You have to believe that I'm starting to worry enough that

Paris Match,

the power poodle, is trying to harm me.

I will not be intimidated, ”he wrote.

The polemicist, who no longer hides his presidential ambitions for 2022, is presently omnipresent in the media and travels through France to promote his book

France has not said its last word



Presidential 2022: "Deflate the balloon", "opportunism" ... Why is Mélenchon now debating with Zemmour?


Presidential 2022: Eric Zemmour, a quasi-candidate campaigning on his "obsessions"

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