On September 23, the reporter learned from Chongqing Zoo that in the early morning of September 13, the giant pandas in the park “Curious” gave birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix cubs. This is the second pair of giant panda twin cubs in Chongqing Zoo in 2021, and it is also “Curious”. First litter.

  The giant panda "Curious" was born in Chongqing Zoo on August 23, 2013.

Not long after "Curious" was born, Nobel Prize winner Ding Zhaozhong visited the Chongqing Zoo and named it "Curious".

On April 22, 2021, "Curious" completed natural mating with the male giant panda "Lulin" at the China Giant Panda Conservation and Research Center.

Three months after her sister "Mangzai" gave birth to twins, at 0:6 and 0:22 on September 13, 2021, "Curious" also successfully gave birth to a pair of twins.

The first cub weighed 104.3 g (weighed after 10 hours and 12 minutes of birth), female; the second cub weighed 168.2 g (weighed after 10 hours and 12 minutes of birth), male.

  Yin Yanqiang, head of technology for giant pandas at Chongqing Zoo, told reporters that although "Curiosity" was originally a "human" mother, it showed strong maternal instincts.

However, due to the species characteristics of the giant panda, it is impossible to complete the natural feeding of the two cubs on their own. Chongqing Zoo invited experts from the China Giant Panda Conservation and Research Center to give guidance on the spot, and the first time to carry out artificial assisted parenting.

The staff implemented behavior training such as artificial milk collection during the pregnancy of the giant panda "curious". At this stage, they can smoothly complete artificial milk collection and cub replacement, so that the cubs can eat breast milk in a timely manner. Normal bowel movements.

  At present, two pups are growing well: the big one weighs 232g and the young one weighs 306g.

(Jia Nansheng Xue Jian)

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]