Teaching sign language, a necessity for the inclusion of hearing impaired people?

American teacher Brittany Dzugas-Smith teaches sign language at a college in the suburbs of Washington.

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French sign language was, for a long time, the language of the hearing impaired.

It is spoken today by 150,000 hard of hearing and as many hearing people.  


It is a language like any other but it is not international because it is different from one country to another.

The LSF option can be chosen since 2010 and as a baccalaureate option since 2018.  

How to develop co-education in the classes to create bridges between the hearing impaired and the hearing impaired?

How to transmit to these children in their natural language?

Does signing with a baby help to understand him or her better?

The idea is starting to germinate in some nurseries.   

 With :

Olivier Marchal

, professor of sign language at the Lycée Varoquaux in Tomblaine and author of

Proverbs and expressions French sign language

(Rue des enfants)

Precise of French sign language for the use of all



The French language for dummies

(For Dummies)

Ludivine Rivet

, director of a

crèche Les Petits Chaperons Rouges

in Gennevilliers in the Parisian suburbs 

And a testimony collected by 

Charlie Dupiot. 

In the United States, sign language is taught in some schools.

This has been the case for 3 years in the

Mary Ellen Henderson public college, in Falls Church, in the suburbs of Washington DC


The pupils choose this language voluntarily, at the rate of 2 or 3 lessons per week. 

Brittany Dzugas-Smith

is one of two

American Sign Language teachers

at the facility.

She explains to us why her subject has met with some success with college students.

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