Dragon TV’s intergenerational Chaoyin variety show Guangming Youbei's "Our Song" season 3 will officially start at 21:00 tonight. "Predecessor singers" Lin Zixiang, Qi Qin, Miriam Yang, Xue Zhiqian and "new voice singer" Zhang Bichen, Hu Xia, Zhou Xingzhe, Yang Yunqing, and Chu Na Lisa assembled.

New and old singers collaborated across generations to sing the golden tunes of the era, making audiences feel the charm of classic music in the collision and exchanges.

Senior singers enter the stage with a variety of tricks Lin Zixiang speaks and touches the audience

  In the first episode, in order to give new singers more guessing information, the senior singers must first undergo a "physical examination" of the musicians, including height, weight, strength, vital capacity, etc.

However, the senior singers all "skin". In the past, Xue Zhiqian took the lead in holding a square prop and became a 208cm "giant". Later, Miriam Yang squatted down with a heavy object and measured the final data at 72cm and 72kg.

After Qi Qin took every test seriously, Lin Zixiang showed the cute side of his predecessors, with a height of 0cm and a vital capacity of only 1 candle, and finally nodded in satisfaction with self-affirmation.

These data confuse the new singers when browsing, which has become one of the interesting points of the first episode.

The senior singers are not only ingenious when they enter the venue, but even their nicknames are also hilarious. Miriam Yang's "Taro Mud Bobo" can make the audience feel close, and Lin Zixiang's "Eighty Thousand Milk Boy" is even more revealing. Playful.

Qi Qin's nickname has become the most serious and toughest among them-"Wolverine".

In this way, the gathering of the four senior singers made people feel the heavy weight of the Chinese music scene, but the opening performance dilutes the heavy and seriousness, making the show more lively and interesting.

  Although the singers of the predecessors at the opening are cute, their strength is undoubted. The singing of Miriam Yang and Qi Qin on the stage not only makes people return to the golden age of Hong Kong Music in a second, but also can sing with the new singers. Taste the touch of music inheritance and inter-generational communication.

The most important thing is the appearance of Lin Zixiang. When he stood on the stage and sang a Cantonese song, not only the audience but also the singers were already in tears. Miriam Yeung said: "This feeling cannot be described in words. ".

Whether it is a senior singer or a new generation singer, they sing not only the song itself, but also the story of the age.

The times are changing and turbulent, but the charm of this golden song of the times will once again radiate new light in the program.

Blind selection model upgrades to create an atmosphere of suspense Zhou Xingzhe encounters a surprise attack by new singers

  This season of "Our Song" still continues the tradition of blind matching only by voice in the first round, but the new singers are more "crisis", because there are four senior singers in the first issue, but there are five new singers. In the end, there will be a new singer who cannot be paired successfully.

The upgrade of this model not only makes the show more suspenseful, but also encourages the new singers to work harder to show themselves in the show, and also gives the older singers more choices.

Who will match successfully and who will regret to lose?

  Another major upgrade of the purpose of this season is to join the "raid" link, that is, every new singer can press the raid button after seeing the favorite senior singer to grab the only chance to raid, and sing with the senior singer in advance. The senior singer decided to choose which new singer to team up with.

After Zhou Xingzhe successfully sang a chorus with his predecessors, he faced a surprise attack for the first time. Who would choose to attack the singer-songwriter, and will he succeed?

This is also extremely anticipated.

  Whether it is the strong strength of senior singers or the strong impact of new singers, when new and old singers sing on the same stage, the integration and innovation of music will allow audiences to see more possibilities in the Chinese music scene, and feel the charm of the times in music. Feel the changes of the times in the singing.

The third season of "Our Song" is still moving forward on the road of music, bringing more voices of the times to the audience.

At 21:00 tonight, the first issue of "Our Song" will meet you on time.