A documentary examining Jamie Spears' curatorship of his daughter Britney will premiere on Netflix next Tuesday, the streaming service has announced.

That's one day before a new hearing in the case.

"This has been going on for thirteen years and it's been enough," a trailer for the documentary, which is called

Britney vs Spears

, can be heard


Those thirteen years refer to the period that the singer is under the guardianship of her father.

"The world knows Britney Spears as an artist and icon. But in recent years, her name has become more and more associated with that one word: guardianship," Netflix says in the synopsis for

Britney vs Spears.

The film is intended to tell 'the explosive story of Britney's life and her public and personal quest for freedom'.

According to the streaming service, years of research has gone into the documentary, which includes exclusive interviews and other new material.

Britney vs Spears

is directed by Erin Lee Carr, who is also a producer on the film.

Spears recently revealed that she is engaged to her boyfriend Sam Asghari.

The two have been together for about five years.


"It's been 13 years and it's enough."Britney vs Spears premieres Sept 28


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