China News Service, Hong Kong, September 22 (Reporter Wang Jiacheng) "I like merry-go-round the most!" "I like the moon and rabbit lights the most!" It came out from the crowd-it was two little girls in princess dresses, they were pointing at their favorites in the garden with the lanterns in their hands.

The parents who held the two respectively with smiles in their eyes, shook their little hands, "Shhh, don't make noise to others so loud."

  This is the family of Mr. Guo, a citizen. In order to have a good reunion on the Mid-Autumn Festival, the husband and wife agreed that they would never work overtime on that day.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong, 15 will not be held, but 16 will be held.

Many companies are sympathetic to their employees and will deliberately end work a few hours earlier on August 15th.

"I went home as soon as I left work. After I finished dressing up the two little princesses, I went out." Mr. Guo said with a smile, knowing that there will be more people reopening the Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Festival at Victoria Park this year. NS.

  The merry-go-round that children like is 6 meters high, and it is made by Hong Kong artist Xu Jiaxiong.

The materials are not complicated. They are sandpaper, cloth, bamboo strips, paste and iron thread commonly used in traditional craftsmanship. They are made by hand, but weave colorful fairy tale classics.

As the "popularity king", it attracts more than children, no matter young couples or elderly couples, they almost always take pictures with them.

Other lighting decorations are equally exciting, such as flamingoes in various poses, elephants that gather together, lovebirds that joyously welcome the moon, and twin rabbits surrounded by carrots and happiness. There are also lantern works made by Hong Kong primary and secondary school students.

  "From dusk to now, it is estimated that the number of people entering the park is 3000 to 4000." The staff in the park who is clearing the crowd is already sweating. He checked his watch and said that it is only after 8 o'clock, and there may be more people in the future.

According to his introduction, two entrances and four exits were arranged for the lantern festival. In order to prevent the epidemic, all entrances and exits are guarded by staff, and the flow of people will be controlled according to the number of people in the park.

  Not only Victoria Park, but the giant glowing moon on the 15-meter-high water on the waterfront of Kwun Tong also attracted countless moon chasers.

Mr. Yuan’s family came here for a walk after having a reunion dinner at home that night. He was responsible for supporting his father, and his wife was responsible for holding his son. The three generations were together, very warm.

"There are not so many people around Kwun Tong. There is a moon on the water this year. With the epidemic under control, I believe everyone will have a great time." In his opinion, no matter what form of Mid-Autumn Festival, the most important thing is family reunion.

  The bright lights are not only the lanterns, but also the bright lights of the major shopping malls in the business district, as well as the restaurants and street restaurants in various districts.

Ms. Li is usually busy at work. Taking advantage of the holiday, she specially invited a few girlfriends out to "eat and drink" and "buy, buy and buy" by the way.

"Before there was an epidemic, I would not come out with so many friends during holidays, but now it's much better." She waved the shopping bag in her hand to the reporter.

  In a one-Michelin-star restaurant in Causeway Bay, a staff member is politely explaining to diners that the dinner table is fully booked. If you want to eat, it is estimated that you will have to wait until after 9pm.

Due to the high price of the restaurant, such a “bursting” situation has rarely occurred in the past. Coupled with the impact of the epidemic last year, Mr. Huang, a “disappointed” veteran, said a few words unexpectedly.

But when I think about it, he feels happy. After all, the restaurant business has recovered so well, which is a good thing for Hong Kong, which was plagued by the epidemic before.

  In fact, Huang Jiahe, chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Catering Industry Association, also stated earlier that day that the new crown epidemic has been stable and that all restaurants that can be booked at night are basically full. At a level, equivalent to 360 million Hong Kong dollars in business turnover, the situation is ideal.

  Restaurants that do not require reservations are also full of business.

In a hot pot restaurant in Western District, the long queue in front of the door lasted almost all night.

Diner Zhang said that before the epidemic, he dared not get together to eat hot pot for a long time, even if he did not dare to be with his family, it is much better now.

"In fact, the most important thing about Mid-Autumn Festival is reunion and family health. I still hope that the epidemic will dissipate. "A good family and a full moon" also come first." He said with a smile.