The bet is successful for Corinne Masiero who wanted to strike hard by presenting the prize for the best costume to the César this year.

The actress of

Captain Marleau

had indeed gone completely naked to denounce the conditions of the intermittent of the show, whose precariousness has been further undermined with the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, for the artist, it was also a question of paying tribute to Adèle Haenel.

The star of

Portrait of the young girl on fire

had left the previous year when Roman Polanski, convicted in the United States of sexual assault and accused by several women of rape, had received the César for best director.

Adèle Haenel had previously accused director Christophe Ruggia, in an article for Mediapart, of touching while she was a minor.

To be heard

“When there was the story of going to give something to the Caesars, I had to do something to underline the gesture that Adèle had and I decided to do this perf 'on my own.

(…) I did it as a tribute to Adèle and very kindly, she sent me an SMS, I was very surprised and very moved to receive this from her ”, explained Corinne Masiero in the program

L ' guest

 of TV5 Monde.

The actress has, moreover, specified that she had not informed anyone "so as not to put people in the shit".

She does not regret her gesture at all, because her goal was "for it to speak, for good or for bad".

Mission accomplished.


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