• "Star Wars Visions" brings together nine short films inspired by the world created by George Lucas.

  • Seven Japanese animation studios participated in the production of these nine films.

  • The artists were both inventive and true to the spirit of the saga.

If you like Jedi, lightsabers, and animation, the

Star Wars Visions series

is for you.

These nine short films, available on Disney + this Wednesday, offer exciting variations on the universe created by George Lucas.

"It was difficult to choose between the different studio projects as the artists showed themselves to be inspired" explains to

20 Minutes

 the co-producer Kanako Shirasaki who supervised the project.

Seven Japanese studios were ultimately selected to share their visions with fans.

"It's funny to think that George Lucas drew some of his inspiration from Akira Kurosawa's work and now Japanese animators are paying homage to him," said co-producer James Waugh, vice president of Lucasfilm .

Respect and influences

The intense respect artists have for

Star Wars

hasn't stopped them from being creative, each in their own unique style.

“They demonstrated that Star Wars could serve as a basis for all kinds of adventures from the most intimate to the most eventful,” insists Kanako Shirasaki.

We find figures known as the clones or Jabba in this anthology designed to make fans feel on familiar ground.

We love the very varied shapes of lightsabers invented for the needs of the series.

Jedis and Sith are really spoiled for choice when it comes to battle.

Other influences appear in the stories as well as in the visual universe of short films lasting on average twenty minutes.

The "chambaras" (Japanese sword film) but also the animated poetry in the style of Hayao Miyazaki or Osamu Tezuka and his Astroboy are easily recognizable.

"We have focused on his human stories which do not necessarily fit into the chronology of the saga" insists James Waugh.

If we can prefer certain segments to others -

The Duel

, film of sabers in red and black, is a jewel - we bow to the inventiveness and visual richness of the whole.

Roll on a second season

“We really hope that this first round of short films will be followed by many others because the material is inexhaustible,” says Kanako Shirasaki.

The spectator shares his wish so much he wants to shout "again" once the last film has been seen.


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