China News Service, Hong Kong, September 22 (Reporter Suo Youwei) ""My Chinese Heart" is a work before Hong Kong's return to Hong Kong. It has been 24 years since Hong Kong'going home', and now is a new beginning. "My Chinese Heart" 'It is a long-term development goal. It is no longer as simple as a song. We need to have a young Chinese heart with a sense of identity." The original singer of "My Chinese Heart" and a famous Hong Kong singer Zhang Mingmin accepted Sino-Singapore on the 22nd. The reporter said in an interview.

  On the evening of the 21st, hosted by Bauhinia Cultural Group, Film Channel Program Center, Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Phoenix Satellite TV, and co-organized by Hong Kong TVB, the Greater Bay Area Mid-Autumn Festival Movie and Music Evening Party was held in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, including Zhang Mingmin. Many well-known musicians and filmmakers from the Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan gathered in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Greater Bay Area) to sing the song of the full moon.

  "The bright moon in the bay is in the galaxy on this earth; how much heart and heart are together, more cherish..." The theme song "Bay" sung by the famous Hong Kong singer Faye Wong has aroused the permanent honorary chairman of the Hong Kong Cross-Strait Peace and Development Federation and the Xuda Group. The resonance of Chairman Su Yongan.

Su Yongan said that on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, when he passed by Victoria Park on his way home, his eyes were colorful.

After dinner, sit at home and watch the "Bay Area Rising Moon" Mid-Autumn Festival. Faye Wong, Nicholas Tse and other stars familiar to Hong Kong people gather. The wonderful performance sings the long-lost warmth and harmony, and dances the bright vision of the young people in the Greater Bay Area, and deeply feels Hong Kong The implementation of the National Security Law has brought stability to Hong Kong, and I am grateful for the country's care and support for Hong Kong.

  "This is the first Mid-Autumn Festival party with the theme of the Greater Bay Area in my memory. Everyone sings the song of the full moon in the Greater Bay Area and sings the national conditions of the family together. I deeply feel the cultural atmosphere and family of the Greater Bay Area. People have no love for each other." Gao Songjie, co-founder of the Hong Kong Restart Alliance and secretary-general of the Hong Kong Elite Club, said: I particularly like the song "Pearl of the Orient", which reminds me of the prosperity of Hong Kong in the past and inspires us. We must work hard to get Hong Kong to set off again, just as Faye Wong sang in "The Bay": I want to catch the long wind and sail.

  Hong Kong young singer Ding Zhengkai said that this is a warm and powerful evening party. "Especially when I saw 22 artists and friends from the Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan sing "Pearl of the Orient" together, I deeply felt that we are a family. The warmth of reunion is also the strength of unity."