It was the Mid-Autumn Festival, and Shanghainese also appeared on Weibo's hot search several times because of queuing up to buy fresh meat mooncakes.

Photo courtesy of Xinya Cantonese Restaurant

  Not to mention, just a few days ago, the wind king "San Du", the double yellow warning hung high, and the diners at the gate of Guangming Village remained enthusiastic during the storm. Fresh meat moon cakes, crab meal moon cakes.

Screenshot of Shanghainese queuing to buy mooncakes on Weibo

  Netizens commented one after another, "Nothing can stop Shanghainese from going to Guangming Village to line up to buy fresh meat mooncakes."

  According to the staff of Guangming Village, due to site restrictions, the on-site team was divided into two sections, with a segmented lineup, with 7 customers buying at a time, and the rest of the customers lined up in sequence at the back.

To buy mooncakes, you have to line up in sections. Photo by Zhang Nan

  "It takes half an hour for a batch of mooncakes (to be out), and it can only (enough) 7 people. It starts at 6:30 in the morning and has to be busy until 7 in the evening. The five pots are made at the same time, which can only meet the needs of some customers. , Fresh meat moon cakes are still in short supply."

  "You have to wait in line for at least two hours to buy fresh meat mooncakes. The typhoon basically did not affect business." said the security guard who maintained the order of the line at the door.

The fresh meat moon cakes in Guangming Village are very few "baked pie". Photo by Li Qiuying, China News Agency

  Cashiers are also speeding up their horsepower to count mooncakes to the public. “The purchase of fresh meat mooncakes is limited to four boxes per person, and the purchase of crab powder and fresh meat mooncakes is limited to three boxes per person."

  In fact, the long queue is not only at the gate of Guangming Village. Xinya Cantonese Restaurant, Real Old House, No.1 Food, and Taikang Food on Nanjing East Road are all the favorites of Shanghai people.

Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, citizens in front of Xinya Cantonese Restaurant also came to line up to buy mooncakes. Photo by China News Agency Tang Yanjun

  Fresh meat moon cakes are almost always at the top of the Shanghai moon cake contempt chain. They are a constant classic on the tables of Shanghai citizens during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Even the long queues to buy fresh meat moon cakes can be traced back decades.

People queuing to buy moon cakes Photo by Zhang Nan

  In 1989, the "Liberation Daily" reported: "Sales of sweet mooncakes have dropped sharply, but sales of fresh meat mooncakes have skyrocketed. The savoury mooncakes are the most popular on-the-spot sale, so this year there are more than 70 shops selling fresh meat mooncakes on the streets of Shanghai. Even the fresh meat moon cakes made by some big cake stalls are lined up, and the supply exceeds demand."

Image source: Photographed by Zhang Nan, Jiefang Daily

  Yao Songming of the real old house recalled in an interview, “On September 20, 1999, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street opened. It was just a few days before the Mid-Autumn Festival. There are more and more people buying fresh meat mooncakes, and the line is getting longer and longer."

Citizens line up to buy mooncakes. Photo by China News Agency Tang Yanjun

  Shanghai is actually the city that loves fresh meat mooncakes the most in China.’s 2019 takeaway data show that Shanghainese, whose permanent population is less than 2.5% of the national population, eat 53% of the country’s fresh meat mooncakes.

Photo by Zhang Nan, mooncakes about to enter the oven

  Gao Kemin, executive vice president of the Shanghai Food Association, once said, "The essence of fresh meat mooncakes is freshly baked Soviet-style mooncakes, but after the development of Shanghai food companies, the influence has surpassed many varieties of Soviet-style mooncakes, and even Suzhou people came to Shanghai to buy them. This Soviet-style moon cake."

Mooncakes waiting for the oven Photo by Zhang Nan

  Whether the fresh meat mooncakes are delicious or not, there are mainly two points: meat filling and pastry.

  The authentic meat mooncakes are soft, soft, juicy and juicy, but they are not as juicy as a soup dumpling, but just right.

Photo courtesy of the rich inset box horse of fresh meat moon cakes

  The fillings made from different parts and different proportions of meat, broth, water, and lard will be different. Each store will have its own unique ratio, creating a unique taste.

The master is painting the mooncakes. Photo by Zhang Nan

  In the past, fresh meat mooncakes were made relatively salty for the convenience of preservation. As people become more and more fond of freshly baked mooncakes, the improved fillings also match the current public's pursuit of a low-salt and low-sugar diet.

  The essence of Su-style freshly baked mooncakes is the meringue.

Take a bite into the freshly baked meat mooncakes, the crumbs fall off, soft and fragrant, with distinct layers, enjoy!

Layers of crispy meat mooncakes, courtesy of Xinya Cantonese Restaurant

  Fresh meat moon cakes are different from fried meat buns. The skin of the cake adopts Soviet-style moon cake craftsmanship and is crispy layer by layer.

  The taste is also different according to the method of baking and baking. The former has a crispy skin and the latter has a softer skin. You can choose according to your own preferences.

Freshly baked mooncakes with fresh meat photo by Zhang Nan

  Fresh meat moon cakes produced by Taikang Foods, First Foods, Xinya Cantonese Restaurant, and Zhen Lao Da Fang are all "baked pie".

The fresh meat moon cakes in Guangming Village are very few "baked pie". Compared with the mainstream "baked pie", the hand-baked crust is more crispy and charming, and the pastry feeling is stronger.

The fresh meat moon cakes in Guangming Village are very few "baked pie". Photo by Li Qiuying, China News Agency

  While inheriting the classics, the mooncake industry will inevitably become more "involved", with new flavors and meringues emerging in endlessly.

  Innovative glutinous fresh meat, green pepper bacon, Pu'er tea, purple sweet potato egg yolk, pickled fresh, cloud leg pork floss, tangerine peel red bean, fried durian, cheese beef, mustard salmon, whiskey five kernels, green bean paste, stinky mandarin fish... Only what you can't think of, there is no chef who dare not pack in.

Photo by Tang Yanjun of China News Agency in the queue area for mooncakes before the Mid-Autumn Festival

  New flavors constantly refresh the taste buds of consumers.

  Huang Renkang, the executive chef of Xinya Cantonese Restaurant and senior Chinese culinary master, told reporters that in order to cater to the tastes of young consumer groups, Xinya has launched a new tengjiao fish mooncake this year. The smoothness of the fish is very delicious with spicy and spicy fish. Suspicious consumers shouted "True Scent."

Photo courtesy of Xinya Cantonese Restaurant

  Hema is not to be outdone. This year, he exclusively developed a rattan pepper-flavored crispy beef mooncake, which is skewered into the mooncake and baked.

Hema's rattan pepper beef filling mooncakes, photo courtesy of Hema

  Beef brisket, beef louver, beef tendon, beef tongue, tripe, bovine bacillus sauce, together with tofu skin, yuba, bamboo shoots, skewered together, paired with the fragrant and spicy rattan pepper pot bottom, red oil mixed with sesame seeds, crispy The multi-layered taste of the skin and the spices not only retains the softness of the traditional Soviet-style moon cakes, but also adds the refreshing feeling of young people's "dry rice".

  Not only major food companies, but chefs from all walks of life have also joined the mooncake wars.

  Recently, the “600 Wanping South Road” mooncakes have a unique taste, including milk cheese, green apple green plum, coffee chocolate, peach Tieguanyin, Lipu sweet potato, and golden purple sweet potato.

The moon cakes at Shanghai Jingwei Center are the real “net celebrities” this year. Photo by China News Agency Tang Yanjun

  Netizens even created their own advertising slogan, "Eat moon cakes from the Shanghai Mental Health Center, you will be more mentally sanitary."

  Renji Hospital, the oldest western hospital in Shanghai, joined hands with Shen Dacheng to launch the mooncakes with the emblem, which come in four flavors: cappuccino, yangzhi nectar, matcha cheese, and white peach oolong.

  Have you eaten fresh meat moon cakes?

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  Author: Li Qiuying Zhang Nan