On September 21, the Xiamen Municipal Government held a press conference. Su Miaoling, deputy director of the Xiamen Municipal Health Commission, responded to the number of nucleic acids for all staff and mentioned that according to the latest National Health Commission’s “Guidelines for the Implementation of New Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Testing Organizations for All Staff ( According to the requirements of the second edition), in the early stage of the epidemic, at least 3 rounds of nucleic acid testing should be carried out for all employees when the source of the risk is unknown; after that, the follow-up should be determined based on comprehensive research and judgment on the traceability of the flow, the scope of community control, and the results of nucleic acid testing. Detection range and frequency.

  In principle, the quarantine points and those streets or communities that have had cases in the past three rounds of nucleic acid testing are required to be tested every day. Those streets or communities where there have been cases within 14 days but no cases in the past three rounds of nucleic acid testing are tested every other day. In areas where cases have occurred, inspections are conducted every 5 days.

In order to carry out screening scientifically, accurately and efficiently, Xiamen City determines the sampling method based on the control measures taken by the target population. The isolation points and other key populations adopt single sampling and single inspection, and the closed community has 1 household and 1 tube. Other areas adopt 5 mixed methods according to the actual situation. 1 or 10 mixed 1 mode to carry out testing.

Xiamen City will adjust the strategy of nucleic acid testing for all employees in a timely manner based on the experts' research and judgment on the epidemic situation.

Through multiple rounds of screening, the encirclement will be gradually reduced, and the infected persons will be accurately identified to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

  Reporter Li Siyuan

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]