The Grand Opening of Universal Beijing Resort,

   "Large World", welcomes the first batch of tourists

  Beijing Universal Resort officially opened yesterday.

Beijing Universal Studios theme park, Beijing Universal City Avenue, Universal Studios Hotel, NUO Resort Hotel are open to tourists.

After 20 years of preparation and construction, the "big world" that tourists expected has finally become a reality, and Beijing has also ushered in a new landmark of cultural tourism.

  Yesterday morning, at the Universal Glory Theater in the Hollywood-themed scenic spot of Universal Studios Beijing, Universal Beijing Resort held a short and unique film-themed opening ceremony.

Representatives of the builders and partners of the Beijing Universal Resort project and many employees of the resort witnessed this historic moment.

  The opening ceremony lasted for nearly 40 minutes, with rich classic movie elements throughout, showing the extraordinary charm of the "blockbuster world".

In the magnificent soundtrack of the movie, the opening ceremony kicked off.

A universal promotional video was first played at the scene, which presented a panoramic view of the seven themed scenic spots of Universal Studios.

Subsequently, the on-site performances incorporating many movie characters made the audience seem to have traveled to the filming scene.

  Immediately afterwards, Steven Spielberg and Zhang Yimou appeared on the big screen, jointly presenting gifts and blessings for the opening of the Beijing Universal Resort, and at the same time issued an invitation to global tourists to explore the Beijing Universal Resort and feel the charm of the world's light and shadow.

Subsequently, the music of the theme song "This is Universal" of Beijing Universal Resort rang out, and singer Tan Weiwei performed a wonderful and unique global experience with cheerful singing.

  The exciting time has come. Tom Williams, Chairman and CEO of Universal Theme Parks and Resorts, and Song Yu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the BTG Group, and other on-site guests completed the "boarding" ceremony when the film started. Symbolizing the new landmark of Beijing's cultural tourism-Beijing Universal Resort officially opened to welcome guests.

  "The grand opening of Universal Beijing Resort has added a wonderful touch to the Universal Theme Park and Resort. After 20 years of preparation and construction, with the support and assistance of many partners and builders, Universal Beijing Resort finally ushered in its grand opening. This milestone moment." Tom Williams said, "I have been looking forward to this day for more than 20 years. At this moment, my dreams come true, and I and all team members feel sincerely proud and proud." In the process of in-depth integration of world cultures, the completion and opening of the Beijing Universal Resort has added a different kind of charm and charm to the ancient capital of Beijing, which is a thousand-year-old capital, and has also allowed the advantages of the city's sub-center to be more vividly displayed." Song Yu said.

  Universal Beijing Resort brings together the classic entertainment experience of Universal theme parks from all over the world, and incorporates Chinese cultural elements. The seven themed scenic spots will bring visitors an immersive entertainment experience that is as shocking as a blockbuster movie, including the first universal theme park. "Kung Fu Panda" as the theme of the scenic spot, the world's first scenic spot with the theme of "Transformers", the world's largest Minion Man Paradise, the world's first future water world exclusive scenic spot, and Jurassic World Nubra Island theme Scenic spot.

In addition, the popular Hollywood theme scenic area and Harry Potter's Wizarding World theme scenic area will also bring visitors an immersive entertainment experience beyond imagination.

  on site

  Tourists run into the scenic spot when the park opens 50 minutes ahead of schedule

  Yesterday, Beijing Universal Resort, which was originally scheduled to officially open at 12 o'clock, opened its doors early at 11:10 to welcome guests.

After hearing the news of the early opening of the park, the tourists lined up in front of the gate burst into cheers.

After the gate was opened, the first batch of tourists ran into the park and ran towards their favorite projects.

  The scenic area opens 50 minutes early

  On the first day of the opening of the Beijing Universal Resort, many tourists arrived in the vicinity of the park at 7 o'clock in the morning and queued up, hoping to be the first guests to enter the park on the first day.

A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily saw at the scene that in order to ensure the safety of entering the park, the park has set up queuing channels on the Universal City Avenue, the bridge connecting the city avenue and the entrance of the Universal Studios, and the entrance of the park to guide tourists into the park in batches.

  According to the plan, Universal Studios was originally scheduled to officially open at 12 noon.

At 10:30 in the morning, there was a long queue of 300 to 400 meters at the gate of the park. Most of the 40 gates were turned on. Several staff in raincoats were waiting for the final opening instructions.

  At 11:10, the broadcast began to broadcast a notice to welcome everyone in the park. After hearing the news of the park opening in advance, cheers broke out among the queued tourists.

After the gate is opened, tourists enter the park after swiping their ID cards one by one or after facial recognition.

After entering the park, everyone ran up and down to their favorite projects.

A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily saw that in just 20 minutes, the queue time for projects on the Global Official App has changed from 5 minutes when the park was first opened to 30 minutes to an hour. The most popular project is "Ha "Lee Potter and the Taboo Journey", the queue time has reached 90 minutes.

  Save time by shopping in advance on City Avenue

  Among the first visitors to the park, Ms. Li pushed her husband in a wheelchair and ran with everyone.

"We got to the parking lot at 7 o'clock in the morning." When Ms. Li and her husband entered the city avenue, there were not many tourists. At 8:30 they experienced the first queue at the bridge connecting the city avenue and the Universal Studios Park. After more than an hour, the two finally entered the gate of Universal Studios and began the second round of queuing.

  After the two young girls in wizard robes entered the park, they ran hand in hand on Hollywood Boulevard.

"We took a taxi to City Avenue at 10 o'clock. There were already a lot of people. When we bought wizard robes in the City Avenue store, it took more than half an hour to check out." Ms. Tan from Tianjin told the Beijing Youth Daily. She and her close friend are both hardcore "Hami fans". They bought wizard robes and magic wands on the city avenue to save time after entering the park.

Ms. Tan said as she ran towards the Harry Potter scenic spot with her best friend: "While there are not many people now, let's go on a Taboo Tour!"

  A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned that at around 8 o'clock yesterday morning, the Global Store on City Avenue was already crowded.

Among them, the Harry Potter merchandise area has the largest number of tourists. Many tourists are worried about the lack of shopping time in the park, so they rush to buy magic wands and wizard robes before entering the park, and the store originally planned to open at 9 o'clock to welcome customers. Advance the opening time by one hour.

  Do your homework in advance to open the park and go straight to popular projects

  "When the tickets were issued at 0:00 on September 14, we were lucky to grab the tickets for the opening day!" After entering the park, Mr. Wu, who lives in Haidian, took his family directly to Harry Potter's Wizarding World scenic spot.

Mr. Wu told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that his lover is a "Ha fan", and the 4-and-a-half-year-old child likes Minions the most, so the family's plan is to first go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and then go to Minions. People paradise.

"I checked a lot of guides, and it is estimated that there is a traffic jam today, so there is no self-driving. We changed from Line 4 to Line 1 subway. It is very convenient." After avoiding the morning rush of people, they only took 45 minutes to get there. At the gate of the park, "The whole process went quite smoothly."

  "Sitting in the first row has a good view, so exciting!" Ms. Fu, who had just experienced the Decepticon roller coaster project, was full of excitement.

She is a big fan of Universal Studios and has previously been to Universal Studios in Singapore and Osaka, Japan.

"Universal Studios is open at our door. We were ready to check in at the first time." As the strategy was prepared in advance, as soon as she entered the park, she and her boyfriend went straight to the Decepticon roller coaster. In the afternoon, they planned everything. Soak in the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

  A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned that many of the first tourists who entered the park rushed directly to the wizarding world of Harry Potter, which became one of the most popular scenic spots on the opening day.

At 1 pm, tourists lined up at the entrance of Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey project.

The sign in front of the door showed that the queue time at this time was up to 90 minutes.

According to the staff, there are not many tourists in the U-Speed ​​Pass at this time, and it only takes 5 minutes to enter.

 Service Information

  What is the ticket price?

  Beijing Universal Studios designated single-day tickets will adopt a four-tier fare structure, and tickets for off-season days, weekdays, peak-season days and specific days will be launched.

The off-season day ticket price is RMB 418, which covers some spring and autumn dates and most winter dates; the weekday ticket price is RMB 528, which covers most spring and autumn dates and some winter dates; the peak season day ticket price is RMB 638 Yuan, covers the month of opening, some Chinese legal holidays, some summer dates, some spring and autumn dates; the ticket price for a specific day is RMB 748, which covers some Chinese legal holidays and most summer dates.

 Can I bring food into the garden?

  Universal Beijing Resort stated that it understands and respects that tourists may need to bring some food and beverages for their own use into the park.

However, for safety reasons and may affect the experience of others, alcohol-containing beverages (such as beer, spirits, etc.); food that needs to be heated or processed (such as: needs to be processed by heating water, microwave heating, or self-heating) Instant noodles, cold food, instant hot pot, etc.); food and beverages in glassware (such as soda in glass bottles, etc.); food and beverages with pungent odors (such as durian, etc.) are not allowed in the park.

  What items cannot be brought into Beijing Universal Resort?

  In order to ensure the safety of tourists in the resort, bags or large boxes with dimensions exceeding 56 cm in length, 36 cm in width and 23 cm in height are not allowed to enter Beijing Universal City Avenue and Beijing Universal Studios. They can be stored in the storage area outside the park. There are also lockers in the park to store small items.

In order to avoid danger, kites, remote control equipment (such as drones and remote control toys), and wheeled play equipment (skateboards, roller skates, scooters, bicycles, etc.) are not allowed in, and mobile phones are not allowed in riding events. Selfie sticks are not allowed in the park.

In addition, visitors are not allowed to bring pets into the park, with the exception of trained guide dogs that assist the disabled (guide dogs must be tied to a leash).

For details, please refer to the admission instructions on the official website, App and Mini Program.

  Is there a nursing room in the park?

  There are two family centers in Universal Studios Beijing, one of which is located on the right side of the entrance plaza after entering the theme park, and the other is located at the medical station in the land of Kung Fu Panda.

The Family Center can provide many services:

  Quiet room: a specially equipped room where visitors with cognitive impairments and their families can rest.

  Nursing room: a private room with a lock for breastfeeding and equipped with a chair.

  Family toilet: a single toilet that is convenient for adults and children.

  Electric scooters: Tourists who bring their own electric scooters can charge here.

  In addition, the park also provides "alternative care" services. A family member can take care of the child first, let others go to queue and experience the scenic spot, and then change to take care of it, so that the whole family can experience the scenic spot.


  Hope that Beijing Universal Resort will become a new landmark of Beijing cultural tourism

  Interviewer: Miao Lewen (President and General Manager, Theme Park and Resort Management Branch of Beijing International Resorts Co., Ltd.)

  Beiqing Daily: What are the main differences between Universal Studios and other theme parks?

  Miao Lewen: Universal has a long history of more than a hundred years in storytelling and the film industry, and Universal Theme Park extends the movie world into real life.

For tourists, whether it is a storyline in your growing memory or a scene from a classic movie, Universal Studios can make you immersive.

We can take you from real life to the light and shadow space of the movie world, walk you and enjoy the immersive experience.

In providing visitors with a unique immersive experience, Universal Studios has a unique DNA and unique advantages.

  Our first theme park was Universal Studios Hollywood, which was founded in 1964. Many classic movies were shot in the studios there. This history continues today.

As we continue to transform film and television works into immersive experiences around the world, the rich experience in park operation accumulated in 57 years has begun to show its advantages.

The rich experience in film and television production and many works can enable tourists to experience riding entertainment in a unique way and stroll the world of movies.

  In Beijing Universal Studios, visitors can be in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Minions Paradise or Kung Fu Panda Land of the World.

These scenic spots reproduce the world in the movie and present visitors with an immersive entertainment experience.

We are fortunate to have the world's popular film and television resources and be able to integrate them to create a real movie world within reach, making us stand out from many parks and resorts.

I hope that Beijing Universal Resort can become a new landmark of Beijing cultural tourism in the future, and I hope that tourists will come to Beijing to travel because of the world.

  Beijing Youth Daily: How does Universal attract people in terms of immersive experience?

  Miao Lewen: Immersive experience includes many aspects, rich and colorful riding entertainment, performances, dining experience and shopping experience, which together constitute a complete immersive vacation experience in Beijing Universal Resort.

  For example, we have selected the most popular film and television IPs in the world, so that tourists can experience the same experience and adventure as the hero in the movie as if they are in the movie world.

This is an immersive experience.

  As another example, the most distinctive food in Beijing Universal Resort is the butter beer in the Harry Potter Park, which is also one of our most popular dishes during the internal stress test.

The reason why it is so popular, I think it has a lot to do with Butterbeer's good integration of dining into the immersive experience of tourists.

  In addition, we also use peripheral products as part of the immersive experience, allowing tourists to take home the travel experience of the movie world.

  We are not simply copying a global theme park, but fully absorbing the experience of various theme parks and integrating them organically into China's insights to build Beijing Universal Resort into a world-class resort, presenting a world-class unique experience.

  This edition / our reporter Zhao Tingting