[Explanation] The Mid-Autumn Festival is a day for family reunion, joy and joy.

In this festive holiday, some people travel far away just to reunite with their families, and some people always stick to their posts and give silently.

  On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Shi Suting, a crew member of the first train of the Chongqing Passenger Transport Section of China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group Co., Ltd., remained at his post.

In addition to serving passengers well, her task is to ensure that every passenger travels safely and let them take the high-speed rail home to reunite with their families.

  Shi Suting has been working as a train conductor for high-speed trains and high-speed trains for 7 years. Due to work reasons, she has never spent the Mid-Autumn Festival with her family in 7 years.

  [Concurrent] High-speed train conductor Shi Suting

  Because we are in the transportation industry, in the transportation industry, holidays, Spring Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival are our busiest times, so in normal times, we can't get home at this time.

  [Explanation] The 29-year-old Shi Suting is a girl from Ningxia. After graduating from Chongqing Mobile University in 2014, she entered the railway system and worked as a train conductor for high-speed trains and high-speed trains.

Her main job is to provide services to passengers during the journey, carry out non-smoking publicity, safety publicity, organize luggage racks, and disinfect the cabins as required.

Shi Suting said that she loves this job very much. Every time the passengers are safely delivered to their destinations, every "thank you" they give back is the motivation for her to persevere.

  [Concurrent] High-speed train conductor Shi Suting

  I love my job very much. This is also my first job in my life. It is also a job I started after my first interview. I have been working until now and have been working for 7 years.

The motivation for me to persevere is because every time I see passengers in the car, after my hard work, I say "thank you".

  [Explanation] Before entering railway work, Shi Suting felt that high-speed rail attendants were a glamorous job.

Later, when she truly became a high-speed rail attendant, she soon had a deep understanding of the hardships behind this profession.

Shi Suting said that the high-speed rail conductors work very intensively. They have to stand for more than 10 hours a day. The most difficult part is the shift system, and they cannot go home to reunite with their families during major holidays such as the Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.

Not long after work, Shi Suting missed her parents in Ningxia very much every major holiday.

After a long time, she gradually got used to her job.

  [Concurrent] High-speed train conductor Shi Suting

  Sending them to their destinations and sending passengers home, I think this is also a sustenance of my hometown.

Sending them home is equivalent to sending myself home.

  [Commentary] Shi Suting said that after working for a long time, she often regards travelers as her relatives.

The Mid-Autumn Festival cannot be with my family, but it is also very happy to be able to spend time with tourists.

  Reporting from Chongqing by Xiao Jiangchuan and Su Zhigang

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]