China News Service, Xianyou, Fujian, September 21st, title: Mid-Autumn Festival under the storm: "Special love, special you"

  China News Agency reporter Lin Chunyin

  On the 21st, it was the Mid-Autumn Festival. In the afternoon in Xianyou County, Putian City, Fujian Province, a heavy rain came and lasted two hours.

In squally showers, the temperature dropped sharply from a maximum of 37 degrees Celsius to 29 degrees Celsius.

In the eyes of 36-year-old Xianyou anti-epidemic worker Cai Zhiyang, the torrential rain that relieves the summer heat and the bright moon that symbolizes reunion are equally important to Xianyou who is fighting the epidemic at high temperatures.

  Among the 405 local confirmed cases reported in Fujian from September 10 to 20, 196 were reported by Putian.

The storm center of this round of epidemic is Putian Xianyou.

Visiting the various isolation points in Xianyou, the young faces of the anti-epidemic group left the deepest impression on China News Agency reporters. They love their hometown, are resourceful, have developed Internet thinking, and are open-minded in life.

  Cai Zhiyang leads more than 30 local township officials and is responsible for serving the local isolation point with the largest number of people.

This is a 20-storey business hotel. 415 people are isolated in this concentration. Among them, there are 137 children under 12 years old.

"Strictly guarding against death and ensuring safety is the top priority." This is a consensus.

  A thick stack of newly proposed "rules and systems" on Cai Zhiyang's desk. The rules and procedures for logistics, medical care, security, killing, and case transfer are clear at a glance, witnessing how an ordinary hotel can be transformed into an isolation point within 24 hours.

  A pregnant woman was about to give birth and was suddenly displaced due to the epidemic and restless.

How to transfer?

Where is the docking?

How to accompany quarantined family members?

Many people discuss and draft a standardized process for this "special you".

Immediately, Xianyou county immediately established a file for pregnant women and worked out special plans for mothers and babies.

  In addition to the norms, this group of young people has set up a "humanistic care group" in the organizational structure, and most of the "post-90s" are the heads of each floor.

They launched a variety of interactive games on social media, small video contests, talent shows, and Mid-Autumn Festival bing contests.

  A small video contest shown by Cai Zhiyang on his mobile phone: After a pair of separated mother and daughter singing and dancing, the little boy in solo played a set of boxing techniques, and three "big whites" in protective clothing came to pk again. They were the isolation point staff patrolling the building in Ta Le .

  The atmosphere is lively and the materials are abundant, but due to prevention and control requirements, the hotel’s central air-conditioning is turned off and the room is stuffy.

Fortunately, in addition to the torrential rain and cooling, among the many aid materials from all walks of life, the Putian Red Cross Association also contacted caring enterprises, and the hundreds of cooling fans sent to them became a "Mid-Autumn Festival gift."

  "We like each other, encourage each other, and overcome difficulties together." Cai Zhiyang said.

  Honglin (pseudonym) is a "post-00" female teacher at a school in Fengting Town, Xianyou County. She moved to the isolation point on September 11.

At first, she forgot to bring her luggage, was at a loss and was in a state of discomfort. Now she has a normal daily life and her mentality is stable. She attributed it to the "full care of the staff at the isolation point".

  In the same isolation point, there are many students at school.

She drew cartoons to describe the "big whites" on the front line of epidemic prevention, reappearing the campus of the past, and recording the fun events of the Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to summon the students, "grateful to the people who have overcome the difficulties together, muster the courage, and win the fight against the epidemic."

  "I think very simple, I am a teacher!" Hong Lin said.

  Wang Shibin, the 35-year-old deputy dean of Xianyou County Dean Hospital, and three psychologists are responsible for the psychological counseling of 9 isolation points in the county, designing a variety of games to entertain the children and comfort the children.

  "The more the dialogue, the more moved." Wang Shibin said, everyone understands the measures taken during the extraordinary period of the epidemic, "and often laughed to encourage us."

  An adult man attracted Wang Shibin's attention.

Coming from a single-parent family, he has not seen his mother for more than ten years. When the epidemic approached and living alone in the same room, he said to Wang Shibin, "I miss my mother very much."

  Wang Shibin told reporters that the children made a video call with their families, met and talked nonsense, all of which were very high inner support.

"But maybe, there are some people who can't get the support of family members well."

  "If you want, you can call me, early in the morning and later in the evening, and I will be there." Wang Shibin said to the man on the phone.