How the Internet celebrity bookstore is popular for a long time

  Unique decoration design, ingenious book display, coffee, gourmet food, and even the hot "script killing"... Nowadays, a number of popular Internet celebrity bookstores continue to emerge.

  Compared with online reading, the reading experience of a physical bookstore can bring comfort and joy to the soul.

Walking into the bookstore, the fresh breath of culture rushes to your face.

Especially for some educated young people, the online celebrity bookstore uses a beautiful store design to cater to the aesthetic trend of consumers and meet the needs of social sharing.

These bookstores are not just places to read and sell books, but increasingly become cultural landmarks in line with the urban temperament. They are the habitat of people’s spirit and emotions. They have a certain demonstration and guiding role in the promotion of good values ​​and the spread of positive energy. .

  While blindly pursuing the beauty of space, some Internet celebrity bookstores also have some shortcomings.

For example, there is a lack of distinction and recognition between bookstore brands, and homogeneity is becoming more and more serious; some bookstores have a row of bookcases against the wall where a large number of decorative books with only shells are placed; there are few samples in the store, and many of them are sealed in plastic packaging and cannot be opened. Reading; there are more people posing for photos than reading books, and books seem to be reduced to a background wall...

  Without the exquisite shell, how can Internet celebrity bookstores truly capture the hearts of consumers?

Internet celebrity bookstores become popular quickly, how can they become popular for a long time?

  First, constantly upgrade the reading experience.

The unique scene attributes of offline bookstores have the advantage of alternative books.

No matter how many books there are on the Internet, it is impossible to touch them.

When readers encounter books by chance, through intuitive browsing, relatively independent book selection standards are generated.

Some books in the bookstore must be opened and read by everyone, so that they can continue to stick to the readers.

With a good environment and emotional atmosphere, readers are more willing to directly buy the books they like.

It is necessary to provide more tailored personalized and refined services, so that readers have more sense of experience, sense of sharing, and sense of gain.

  Second, content is the key.

Times are changing, but people's thirst for knowledge will not change.

Paying for high-quality content is becoming an intrinsic demand of the general public.

Bookstores should look for and stick to their own characteristics and positioning, and bid farewell to the cookie-cutter list of best-selling books.

On the basis of taking into account the type, quantity and quality of books, provide more professional and stronger content support.

The use of technological means and big data empowerment, online and offline integrated development, can not only reduce the waste of resources, but also improve efficiency.

The bookstore should also improve the professionalism and planning ability of its employees, and organize various exchanges and sharing activities on a regular basis, so that the bookstore is not only a carrier of cultural transmission, but also a space for knowledge collision and exchange.

  Again, don't let the bookstore just become a "spot".

Bookstores should innovate on the basis of content, and must not blindly follow the trend in form greater than content.

The crowded flow of people and the noisy environment are not conducive to starting a spiritual journey, and it also dilutes the essential identity of the bookstore.

In addition, for readers, reading is not a sense of ritual of “checking in” on a certain day, but a daily behavior that persists every day.

  Li Dandan