Lionel Gougelot 7:05 am, September 21, 2021

While five million French people over the age of 12 are still not vaccinated, vaccinodromes are closing one after the other.

In the North, professionals are adapting to downsize without preventing the last unvaccinated adults from receiving an injection.


Are we witnessing the end of vaccinodromes, when the milestone of 50 million French first-vaccinated has been crossed?

That of Lille, installed for 5 months at the Zénith and in which 312,000 doses were injected, closed its doors on Saturday.

It will be replaced by a resized center located at the CHR of the metropolis.

That of the Marcq-en-Barœul racecourse, 250,000 injected doses, will close its doors next Saturday.

The size of these devices no longer corresponds to the needs of the moment in the context of a vaccination which is marking time.

Staff divided by four

In the Marcq-en-Barœul vaccinodrome, the last injections take place before closing, at the end of the week.

There are increasingly rare and sometimes resigned candidates for vaccines: "We came a bit at the last minute when we felt really constrained because we had the right to do nothing. With blackmail, we did it, ”says a newly vaccinated person.

"Basically, we were really determined not to do it at all."

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Most of the boxes are closed.

There were 280 bites last Sunday, when there were more than 2,000 per weekend.

The device is clearly no longer suitable.

"There were eight posts of doctors and eight posts of nurses or stitchers. There, today, we are working with two posts of doctors and two posts of stitchers", illustrates Jean-François Claerbout, coordinating doctor.

"So we're going to end up in a much smaller structure, also accepting people without any problem."

The lines "ready to be reactivated"

But if the generalization of the third dose requires it, Doctor Charani, in charge of two centers in the Lille metropolis, is ready to relaunch a large-scale vaccination: "As soon as the need arises, we are ready to reactivate all the lines that we have stopped to reach 500 to 800 vaccinations per day, without any problem. The caregivers are there, the town halls are with us and we will have the wards until the end of the year to see a little more. " For the time being, however, the proximity centers are more than sufficient for the vaccination of the last latecomers.