One of the services of the center for autistic people of La Tour-d'Aigues (Vaucluse) was forced to close its doors, reports France Bleu Vaucluse on Monday.

As a result, around ten children who had previously been housed in boarding schools were forced to stay with their families.

Since vaccination against Covid-19 has become mandatory among healthcare workers, the establishment has been lacking in staff.

"A drama for families"

The association La Bourguette, which manages three centers for people with autism in the department, has to juggle employees suspended or on sick leave, explains the radio.

“We say to ourselves that we are going to find replacements, but we have to train them.

We must also support the employees who are still there, who work overtime and who will have to work with people who know nothing about autism, ”the president of the association, France Termes, warns. colleagues.

The structures lack replacements and another service managed by La Bourguette has also had to close in the Var.

This has an impact on the relatives of patients: “It is a tragedy for families who sometimes have to stop working.

These absences create complicated situations ”, regrets France Termes.


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