Are you having a good Chuseok?

As you can see in the Seoul sky now, a full moon has risen through the clouds.

Even in the southern regions, you can enjoy the bright full moon tonight (the 21st).

However, if you are in the metropolitan area, you should hurry up and watch the moon.

It will rain again with dark clouds forming in the metropolitan area late at night, and it will rain in the Yeongnam area tomorrow morning.

This rain will pour loudly from dawn to morning, mainly in the central region, and shower clouds will develop locally throughout the daytime.

Most of the rain will stop during the day tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the last day of the holiday, the daytime temperature in Seoul will stay at 24 degrees and cool all day, and in the southern region, Gwangju and Busan will rise to 28 degrees, and Daegu will rise to 29 degrees.

From Thursday, when we return to our daily routine, the mild autumn weather will continue.

(Meteorological Caster Nam Yu-jin)