When did you realize that fashion was your thing? I was always present at home, when I left school my brother and I would go to the offices and see fabrics, patterns, we lived aesthetics. I went to study fashion in London but I had a point of rebellion, I wanted to think for myself, and after six months I left it and returned to Madrid to study Advertising. During my career I saw that my vocation was fashion, but I finished my studies and I already got into the family business. Who has influenced you more, your father or your mother? The two equally. My father is super creative, more open to change and risky. My mother, however, is the best salesperson I know, with a tremendous capacity for work. I have learned the best of each one. Does your house talk about anything other than fashion? Yes [laughs], about the granddaughters [María has two daughters and her brother, Carlos,married to Marta Ortega, another girl]. We really like our work, but we also talk about golf and other things. What do you bring to the company? I am focused on new technologies, especially from 2020, when in the midst of a pandemic we were able to get ahead thanks to them. I'm also especially concerned about sustainability, respecting the environment. What is your vision of fashion? It's very Torretta. Clothes for a beautiful, self-confident woman, very wearable garments. Who are your references when it comes to dressing and designing? There are many designers that I like, but not always the same one, rather a specific collection of one, another from another ... And as for the way of dressing, I like the classicism of Beatrice Borromeo, and how fun and risky Hailey Bieber is.How has the pandemic changed the world of fashion? In the short term, textiles suffered, but now people, just as they have realized the essentials of the family or that nothing should be taken for granted, they also want good garments made with natural fabrics. The collection that we have presented at MBFWM reflects above all optimism and joy, and the need for nature that we have all felt. What is it like to be well dressed today? Finding yourself favored, always with a point of trend, knowing what suits you and wear quality, durable garments. Our pieces, made entirely in Spain, are very old. In short, to be well dressed is to wear a very well made garment, with a super fabric and a good pattern, and that goes with your style. When you dress to go out, who do you ask for advice? Both my father and my mother .But sometimes they tell me that my style doesn't work, I don't listen to them and I put it on. Torretta is the author of one of the suits that Queen Letizia has worn the most times: a tailor with red pants. Is she your best ambassador? She is a great ambassador for the Spain brand, she is very pretty and has a very good appearance. We are happy that you bet on our brand. Do you talk to Marta Ortega about fashion, do you ask her for advice or does she ask you? She is from our family, so we talk about family matters. In fashion and business, no. How do you get along with her? Great, she's my sister-in-law. Sneakers or heels? Both. Sneakers six times a week and heels one. Jeans or men's trousers? Jeans. Mini or midi? Supermini. A fabric. Cashmere for winter, silk crêpe de Chine for summer. Lamé and sequins or just the opposite? Quite the opposite.Your garment for this fall. An oversized cashmere wool coat by Roberto Torretta in dark purple. The future? In 2020 we had time to restructure ideas and see long-term projects, there are very interesting ones but I cannot count them yet. My parents are super active and young in the head. In 10 years I continue to see myself as his right hand, always with the support of the 'bosses'.

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