At the annual meeting of the IAEA = International Atomic Energy Agency, Japan's Minister for Science and Technology Inoue said, "Science for the international community," regarding measures such as the ever-increasing release of treated water into the sea at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station of Tokyo Electric Power Company. We will continue to explain with transparency based on the grounds, "he emphasized his willingness to cooperate with the IAEA, keeping in mind the concerns raised by neighboring countries.

At the IAEA's annual meeting held in Vienna, the capital of Austria, on the 20th, Japanese Minister Inoue gave a video speech on the standards for treated water containing tritium, which is increasing at TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. After diluting it below, I explained the government's policy to release it to the sea in about two years.

After that, in order to verify the safety, he introduced that IAEA executives visited Japan this month and had discussions, and said, "We will continue to explain to the international community transparently based on scientific grounds." He emphasized his willingness to cooperate with the IAEA, which conducts verification activities.

In his speech, IAEA Secretary-General Rafael Grossi also said that the study team to be dispatched to Japan by the end of the year "including experts from neighboring countries" to ensure transparency and dispel concerns of neighboring countries. I reiterated my thoughts on what to do.

Regarding the release of treated water into the sea, South Korean representatives have expressed concern at past IAEA general meetings, and neighboring countries have called for Japan to be accountable.