[Explanation] From September 10 to September 18 at 24:00, Fujian Province has reported a total of 335 local confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia, including 183 local confirmed cases in Putian City.

On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, on September 19, the reporter visited some supermarkets and shops in Xianyou County, Putian City to learn about the local commodity supply and prices.

  [Explanation] Chen Tieling runs a people’s livelihood supermarket in the old town of Xianyou. Early in the morning, he and his family lined up fresh vegetables for people to buy.

Chen Tieling told reporters that the prices of dishes have been generally stable recently, and the store has launched special products from time to time to give benefits to nearby residents.

  [Concurrent] Chen Tieling, the operator of Xianyou Supermarket

  We will also make some specials. We sell Chinese cabbage for one yuan. This is a policy of benefiting the people. If we go to the market, it will cost one yuan and five. We sell to customers like this for one yuan, because these are the biggest problems for the people. Now Chinese cabbage can be used. Hidden for a long time.

We will try our best to prepare the goods, and the supply is relatively sufficient. The daily necessities such as pork are abundant, and the prices are as much as usual, because we do wholesale.

  [Concurrent] Mr. Lin from Xianyou People

  (What did you buy today) I bought cabbage, tomatoes and eggs today.

(How much does it cost?) It's more than 12 yuan. (How about the price) The price is not high.

(Just like before this epidemic) That's basically the same.

  [Explanation] Zhang Zhili runs a supermarket specializing in non-staple food and daily necessities.

In the past few days, fewer and fewer people travel, but he still insists on opening the door to provide help to people in need.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Zhili, the operator of Xianyou Supermarket

  The main thing is to ensure that the supply of goods is sufficient during holidays and holidays. Don’t let the people feel that the supplies are tight due to the epidemic. We have never increased the price. As before, we still sell as much as we usually do. The people’s hearts are basically stable. Everyone is fighting the epidemic and overcoming this difficulty. That's it.

  [Commentary] Afterwards, the reporter visited the Yonghui Supermarket in the central city of Xianyou County.

There is a special person to guide you at the entrance, and people who come to shop need to wear a mask, scan the health code and measure the temperature before entering.

In the supermarket, there is ample supply of goods and a wide variety of products.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, supermarkets have also increased their supply.

  [Concurrent] Wei Guiming, Store Manager of Yonghui Supermarket Xianyou Licheng Square Store

  Our Fuzhou headquarters has point-to-point logistics and distribution. In order to meet the volume of goods during the epidemic, we have also increased our purchase volume and unified pricing. Our prices are very stable.

Regarding the killing, we now include shopping carts and shopping baskets, so we kill them every two hours.

  [Explanation] During the interview, many people who came to shop also said that during this period of time, local prices in Xianyou have not been different from before the epidemic.

And the vegetables, fresh, fruits, meat and eggs served are relatively fresh.

  [Concurrent] Ms. Lin from Xianyou People

  For example, it takes a week to buy a dish, and it usually doesn't come out. The price is still relatively stable, and the quality is the same as usual.

  [Concurrent] Ms. Yan from Xianyou People

  Although the price of Yonghui Supermarket is currently suffering from an epidemic, it has not risen. This is a very good aspect for us. We have everything that should be available. Now we usually only buy it once a few days. Try to buy more and keep it at home. Bar.

  [Explanation] The reporter learned from the relevant departments of Xianyou County that since the outbreak, local working groups have been specially set up for grain reserves, market price inspections, and material supply to implement daily monitoring and daily reporting systems for major daily necessities, and daily monitoring of major daily necessities. The operation of wholesale markets, farmer’s markets, supermarkets, etc., to keep abreast of the market supply, prices, and inventory of daily necessities; at the same time, strengthen law enforcement inspections, severely crack down on price-raising and shoddy behaviors, and ensure adequate supply and prices of materials Stablize.

  Reporter Wu Shengwei reports from Putian, Fujian

Editor in charge: [Wu Qingcai]