On September 20, the largest Universal Studios project to date, Beijing Universal Resort, was full of Chinese elements, carefully crafted seven themed scenic spots, 37 ride entertainment facilities and landmark attractions, and 24 entertainment performances. , The park officially opened.

The first phase of the Universal Resort project has a total investment of 35 billion yuan, driving an increase in GDP of 1.04 billion yuan, and driving the GDP growth of the city's sub-centers by about 1% every year, driving more than 3100 new transportation, accommodation, catering, sports and entertainment in the surrounding area, and driving employment The number is 11,000.

After the opening of the Universal Resort, the peripheral catering and accommodation areas are expected to generate about 2 billion yuan of overflow consumption each year.

  After the opening ceremony, Beijing Universal Resort officially welcomed the first batch of tourists.

The grand opening of Universal Beijing Resort marks the official unveiling of a new landmark of cultural tourism in Beijing. It means that the 20-year project construction and operation preparation process of Universal Beijing Resort has successfully concluded and a new journey has begun.

  "The grand opening of Universal Beijing Resort has added a wonderful touch to the Universal Theme Park and Resort. After 20 years of preparation and construction, with the support and assistance of many partners and builders, Universal Beijing Resort finally ushered in its grand opening. This milestone moment." said Tom Williams, Chairman and CEO of Universal Theme Parks and Resorts, "I am very grateful to all levels of government for their support and dedication to the Universal Beijing Resort project. For more than two decades. , I have been looking forward to this day. At this moment, my dreams come true, and I and all team members feel sincerely proud and proud.” (Reporter Wei Xi Liu Chao produced Lu Huiqian)

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]