In South Africa, 64 black-footed penguins have died as a result of a bee attack, the local conservation authority SANParks suspects.

The dead birds were found on Boulders Beach, a popular tourist destination south of Cape Town because of the penguins.

A spokesperson for SANparks speaks of a tragic and unusual incident.

Some penguins had more than twenty bee stings.

Authorities are now searching for the swarm of bees, hoping to discover what sparked the attack.

The penguins were part of a colony that lives in a protected nature reserve.

The birds are listed as endangered on the red list of the international nature organization IUCN.

This is mainly due to the changing living environment and food shortages as a result of commercial fishing.

Black-footed penguins live in southern Africa.

They breed in various locations in South Africa and Namibia.

The number of breeding pairs in South Africa is said to have declined by 73 percent in the past three decades to 10,400.

Namibia has 4,300 pairs.